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Batman in Hong Kong Part 2 November 12th, 2007

The Inter­na­tional Her­ald Tri­bune report that the major­ity of The Dark Knight’s Hong Kong film­ing has now been com­pleted. Scenes included “dozens of police offi­cers” storm­ing a sky­scraper in the finan­cial dis­trict, filmed late on Sun­day and early on Mon­day morn­ing; whilst ear­lier in the week Lucius Fox (Mor­gan Free­man) and Bruce Wayne were filmed hav­ing a con­ver­sa­tion on a bridge near Lyn­d­hurst Ter­race. Bale also stated in a press con­fer­ence that he was sched­uled to jump from the “90 floor Inter­na­tional Finance Cen­ter”. And that he did — scroll down to see the ver­tigo induc­ing pic­tures of Bat­man stand­ing on the edge of the tall build­ing, and video of the encir­cling Helicopter.

The Press Con­fer­ence via BlipTV:

In this con­fer­ence Chris Nolan also debunked those pre­vi­ous rumors that a scene was aban­doned because of pol­lu­tion, cit­ing script changes as the real reason.You can find another enter­tain­ment round-up in this ITN video hosted on YouTube:

Hong Kong Videos:

A Round up of the HK Action and Bat­man Jump (pic­tures mon­tage and footage towards the end):

Police Storm­ing the Scene

Mor­gan Free­man being filmed:

Hong Kong News Reports:

Hong Kong Pictures:

Batman’s Big Jump:

High Res­o­lu­tion shots of the HK film­ing, from Chris­t­ian Bale Fan. Check out the link for lots more gal­leries and high res­o­lu­tion pic­tures of Bale and Free­man.

At the Air­port (via AICN):

Batman Tidbits September 8th, 2007

Here are a cou­ple of inter­est­ing things from through-out this week. First up, Yahoo have posted the voice-over Dark Knight teaser video in high def­i­n­i­tion, here’s the link.

Here is another Gotham explo­sion video via YouTube:

Over at the SHH forums Big Engine posted up some inside pic­tures of the Card­ing­ton Hang­ers in the UK, to be used as the set­ting for a fight scene:

And some SWAT stunt footage via Lexwalk (warn­ing the descrip­tion of this video and the video itself can be con­sid­ered a bit spoi­ler­ish):

Mean­while, Mag­gie Gyl­len­haal has been doing some mod­el­ling for Agent Provocateur.

And have a good week­end folks!

August 30th and Bruce Wayne’s Lamborghini August 31st, 2007

After the big explo­sion, lit­tle else can impress us now, how­ever film­ing con­tin­ued for at least one more day in Chicago, with Bruce Wayne’s Lam­borgh­ini being spot­ted kit­ted up and dri­ving around. Two sets of pic­tures are out there, the first comes via draperyfalls,

Sec­ondly, chgo­jobs had this pull right out in front of him:

He car­ried on to fol­low the action and cap­tured this video:

Also, CNN have a new explo­sive video.

Close-up Memorial and Aug 26th Pictures and Video August 29th, 2007

Rory_bat has returned from this week­ends Dark Knight film­ing fiasco and with him he has brought treats aplenty. We have 44 shots includ­ing close up pho­tog­ra­phy of Gary Old­man being directed, the memo­r­ial podium, gun­men on the roof, Gotham PD sleep­ing on the job and a horse’s backside.

In full motion video we have a scene cap­tured from the memo­r­ial ser­vice, it’s con­tents can be con­sid­ered a spoiler,

We also have a video that shows Gary Old­man prepar­ing for a scene on The Dark Knight set,

Skyscraper Battle Stunt August 27th, 2007

We’re back again, this time with an entirely dif­fer­ent stunt but once again involv­ing a heli­copter and a large build­ing. This comes via chgo­jobs.

Spec­tac­u­lar stunt for the Bat­man Begins sequel, The Dark Knight. The scene involves two heli­copters hov­er­ing next to the tower and five stunt­men that come fly­ing off the build­ing. This was filmed at a high rise under con­struc­tion near Chicago’s Lake Shore Drive.

At the start not a lot hap­pens, it all kicks off at about 40 sec­onds in:

Helicopter Stunt Video August 27th, 2007

I think this is the 8th post in two days: it’s all go at the moment. Any­way, MyFox­Chicago are back with another behind the scenes stunt video exclu­sive, this time it includes peo­ple being dan­gled from a helicopter.

Check it out here.

Pictures from the Memorial August 26th, 2007

This shoot­ing event was a big occa­sion, and as expected, a lot of peo­ple were there to take pic­tures. Yippee. One of the best col­lec­tions of pic­tures of The Dark Knight Memo­r­ial ser­vice comes from flickr user kedziers in his Gotham City set.

Here are a few select and super high res­o­lu­tion (2mb each) pic­tures pro­vided under the Cre­ative Com­mons license that I have picked out, fol­lowed by the tra­di­tional flickr slide-show gallery:

Our sec­ond set comes from tiffanyjbt. Here we can see Chris­t­ian Bale, as Bruce Wayne, rid­ing a Ducati:

A third col­lec­tion comes from nailtechnician’s efforts:

You can find even more here and we’ll prob­a­bly keep updat­ing this post with more and more links as they come in.

Let’s get some old videos in here too whilst I am at it — these show the street level fire and a heli­copter fly-by:

Dark Knight August 23rd Filming Report August 23rd, 2007

Rory_bat, from the Super­Hero­Hype forums has been on loca­tion recently for the lat­est TDK shoot,

He had this to say:

Alright, I am sure you guys already know where they were shoot­ing today: Berghoff’s (I think I spelled that right), some kind of old and classy restaurant/bar type. The crew had vehi­cles all on Adams and the adjoin­ing streets. The first time I walked by early on in the day they were shoot­ing inside. They had some screens up over the exte­rior and I could hear them yell “rolling”. I didn’t know who was inside at this point. Out­side there was a large bus that had “Cor­erc­tions” writ­ten on the side of it. It was a GPD bus, pre­sum­ably for haul­ing off pris­on­ers of a sort. There were also a few GPD extras milling around. I walked fur­ther down toward State St. and saw all kinds of GPD and Gotham cars wait­ing to be used. I fig­ured some exte­rior stuff would be hap­pen­ing later. I wasn’t wrong.

Around 2:30 or 3:00 I made my way back and sure enough, there was quite a bit of action. There was a whole crowd of extras dressed in suits, they seemed to be reporters or maybe just onlook­ers. In front of this crowd was a GPD offi­cer holdig a shot­gun (very cool). Some of the extras were pre­tend­ing to shiver..don’t for­gett the fall set­ting. It was amus­ing to watch. A bit fur­ther down in front of Berghoff’s was were the good stuff was hap­pen­ing. Nolan and co. were shoot­ing a scene where GPD and Lt. Gor­don escort Maroni and his goons into the cor­rec­tions bus, bust­ing them. I stood across the street and watched (tak­ing pics and got video of one whole take). Eric Roberts looked great as Maroni, cuffed and all. After each take they would wipe the sweat off of Old­man, Roberts and the extras, attempt­ing to keep the atmos­phere of Fall in place (cer­tainly tough with today’s weather).

Shots from the film­ing:

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