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The Ha Ha Ha Times disgraces issue 3 June 25th, 2008

We’ve been await­ing this update since the arrival of the third issue of The Gotham Times, now The Ha Ha Ha times has updated to reveal a defaced and dis­graced Gotham Times edi­tions with the tra­di­tional red Joker scrawl­ings, blotches, clip­pings and post-its.

Thanks Csam Cram!

Gotham Times — Issue 3 out now June 14th, 2008

The third edi­tion of The Gotham Times is out now for your perusal, head­lin­ing with the title “Bat­man — Sav­ior or Men­ace?”, whilst also report­ing on Har­vey Dent’s “Land­slide win” and grass roots cam­paign scheme.

Thanks Tim and Pierre.

There’s also a new Har­vey Dent email, sent in by Zdravko:

If some­one were to tell me four months ago that Har­vey Dent was going to win by the biggest mar­gin in Gotham City his­tory, I would have directed him to Arkham Asy­lum. But that’s the big story today. Thanks to the incred­i­ble efforts of peo­ple like you, we have changed the fate of Gotham City.

Har­vey Dent won every precinct, every neigh­bor­hood, every demo­graphic, and every gen­der and age group. His sweep­ing vic­tory shows just how far the desire for real change goes in Gotham City.

This is not just Har­vey Dent’s vic­tory, it’s your vic­tory. You passed out fly­ers, ral­lied, marched, cre­ated polit­i­cal videos, and got out and voted. You made your voices heard. And today, the entire world can hear you. Today, “Take Back Gotham” is not just a slo­gan – it is a reality.

This is the last cam­paign email we’re send­ing out. Now, we turn our ener­gies to the hard job of fight­ing and win­ning the war on crime and cor­rup­tion. We’ll need your help – to keep the pres­sure up on the politi­cians, to show the crim­i­nals our will, and to sup­port Har­vey Dent’s crack­down on corruption.

Together, we will save Gotham City.

Allan Cypes
Media Manager

Ha Ha Times Updated March 30th, 2008

With the new issues of The Gotham Times, comes a new Joker defac­ing, with the famil­iar black eyes and wide-eyed bloody red grin. “Now there’s a smile”.

The Ha Ha Times: www​.the​ha​ha​ha​times​.com

Thanks Keith!

More Viral, New Gotham Times Issue March 26th, 2008

Well, the big news today is that we have our sec­ond issue of The Gotham Times (www​.the​gotham​times​.com) (thanks Austin), don’t worry — the first issue is archived.

This is another 4 page in-depth look at present day Gotham City.

Batman Photo in The Gotham Times

Next up…

The Joker is back in town, he’s send­ing out this text:

Hey clown! Long time, no crime spree! Well, put on your floppy shoes and answer this ques­tion: are you ready to get to work? (ReplyY/N)

And a response to the reply (“Y”):

Glad to see you’re still alive and kick­ing. I’ll be in touch before Pois­son d’Avril. (aka April 1st)

Thanks Adam

We also have a slew of new Viral web­sites for you to gaze upon:

Maiden Avenue Report


Gotham Cable News

www​.gotham​ca​ble​news​.com, which comes with this press release

Dana Wor­thing­ton

This is the site of our sec­ond Gotham City DA Can­di­date. Con­tact­ing Dana through contact@​danaworthington.​com yields,

Thank you for your inter­est in my cam­paign. We are a small and inde­pen­dent oper­a­tion, and we can’t answer all emails per­son­ally, but your sup­port is impor­tant to me.

Your email will be read. Your vote will count.
Who will rep­re­sent you?
I will rep­re­sent you.

Dana Wor­thing­ton for Dis­trict Attorney


Cit­i­zens For Batman

“Arrest Bat­man, but not yet” says the new issue of The Gotham Times. As expected, the city is split on opin­ion about our caped cru­sader. This is a web­site for the vig­i­lante cause.

If you want to join them you can email them here: join@​citizensforbatman.​org, which leads to this response:

Dear Gotham Citizen,

Thanks for express­ing your inter­est in join­ing Cit­i­zens for Bat­man. The eas­i­est way you can join is by attend­ing a meet­ing. Check the web site for meet­ing times. If you can’t attend, you can always lobby City Hall to sup­port Bat­man and stop any talk of his being arrested.

Look­ing for­ward to see­ing you,
Brian Dou­glass
Founder and Pres­i­dent, Cit­i­zens for Batman


I Believe in Har­vey Dent Revamped

The Har­vey Dent site, amongst this plethora of new viral web­sites, has been updated with a new design. The site also sports web­site ban­ners and some Har­vey Dent wall­pa­pers (in the 1024x vari­ety).

Why So Serious The Perfect Getaway November 30th, 2007

And the third of the sea­sonal Why So Seri­ous chal­lenges is upon us, as was to be expected given the flurry of activ­ity this Friday.

The new site revolves around a per­fect get­away, ulti­mately using the maps spread across the var­i­ous Gotham Sites. www​.whysose​ri​ous​.com/​t​h​e​p​e​r​f​e​c​t​g​e​t​a​way (found via Page 4 of The Ha Ha Times)

Here are the plans:


For dis­cus­sion I rec­om­mend this thread.

More Devel­op­ments elsewhere…

Other big events today include threat­en­ing phones calls made to peo­ple that sub­mit­ted details to We are the Answer, Toas­t­er­Devil has kindly recorded this and placed it up on YouTube:

With a loose tran­scrip­tion from Hol­ly­wood Chicago:

“We heard about the mes­sage you left at the DA’s office. I know you have some big ideas about being a good cit­i­zen. No one likes a squeeler. You know noth­ing.They’re out there putting their lives on the line so you can sleep OK … and you’re lay­ing in your bed. Let’s see what hap­pens the next time you need some­one in blue.

Think about who they are. Check doc­u­ment LC6551. You know where to look.”

We are the Answer also have a new email response:

Thank you for your infor­ma­tion on sus­pi­cious activ­ity regard­ing a police offi­cer. Your infor­ma­tion appears to pos­si­bly be very impor­tant in an open inves­ti­ga­tion regard­ing the officer(s) involved. It is impos­si­ble to dis­close any spe­cific infor­ma­tion on the inves­ti­ga­tion, but be assured that the infor­ma­tion you have pro­vided is being han­dled with the utmost seri­ous­ness and confidentiality.

If you have any fur­ther infor­ma­tion about crim­i­nal activ­ity that the officer(s) have or will be engag­ing in, you are encour­aged to use the tip-line form as an ongo­ing resource.

Please keep this email and the infor­ma­tion you have pro­vided us con­fi­den­tial. Your infor­ma­tion is part of an ongo­ing police inves­ti­ga­tion and is there­fore sub­ject to all laws gov­ern­ing an inves­ti­ga­tion. Pre­ma­ture dis­clo­sure of infor­ma­tion could com­pro­mise the investigation.

Again, thank you for your assis­tance. We rely on your help. Together, we are mak­ing Gotham City bet­ter, safer, stronger. Together, We Are the Answer.

So we will be able to turn some­one else in soon. We just need a time and location…wait!

Gotham Times Out Now (and other viral sites) November 23rd, 2007

EDIT: The lat­est viral mar­ket­ing developments:

Betty’s House of Pies Stake­out — Live Audio Feed with Shootout and solu­tion to Why So Seri­ous Per­fect Getaway

Why So Seri­ous Per­fect Get­away and Threat­en­ing Audio Message

St Swith­uns Church with mar­riage and bap­tism cer­tifi­cates and Betty’s House of Pies

Orig­i­nal Article:

Head on over to www​.the​gotham​times​.com to read the news­pa­per arti­cles that we posted about yes­ter­day. You can also email the edi­tor of the paper with a “let­ter”, letterstotheeditor@​thegothamtimes.​com.

Gotham Times Secrets

Click­ing around on page 1 of the arti­cle reveals this lit­tle click­able secret left by The Joker:

Gotham Times Secret Joker

This leads you to the HA HA Time, www​.the​ha​ha​ha​times​.com, a mock­ery of the paper:

We are the Answer

The “We are the answer” (www​.wearethean​swer​.org) now shows a “Not autho­rised” page, the defacto Inter­net Explorer ver­sion… which I’m not sure I should see on Fire­fox. This hints that the page itself is man­u­fac­tured, per­haps just saved as the index.

The web­site is now up! It seems to be some sort of neigh­bor­hood watch scheme where civil­ians can report crimes in their area. You can also find these choice quotes from Gotham politi­cian Har­vey Dent:

“Pos­i­tive Feed­back makes for a Pos­i­tive City” — Har­vey Dent
“Help us make Gotham a bet­ter, safer and stronger city by help­ing us to stomp out cor­rup­tion” — Har­vey Dent

And from the Let­ters of Sup­port:

In a city where “busi­ness as usual” has meant con­tin­u­ing cor­rup­tion and scan­dal, Har­vey Dent is any­thing but usual. The assis­tant Dis­trict Attor­ney is shin­ing a light on a lot of dark cor­ners and expos­ing cor­rupt cops and city offi­cials. He’s mak­ing some ene­mies, but here at Action 3 News, we think he might be the best friend this city has had in many, many years.

–Wil­son Cor­ri­gan, Spot­light on City Hall, Action 3 News.

I was born in this city in 1925 and I’ve seen her go through the dark days of World War II and the bright days of the civil rights move­ment and the crazy days of the six­ties. But noth­ing seemed as bad as the last cou­ple of years. Bless Har­vey Dent. What we need is more peo­ple like him, instead of hav­ing to depend on a crazy man in a cos­tume to do what the police aren’t doing.

–T. John­son, let­ter to The Gotham Times


Dear Mr. Dent,

After all the things that have been hap­pen­ing, and espe­cially the Fear Toxin attack, I applied for a trans­fer with my com­pany. I felt that, despite the roots I have here—I grew up here and my par­ents live here—Gotham was not a place where my wife and I could raise our soon to be born son. I hated to move away. If peo­ple like me move away, soon all that would be left would be the poor and the des­per­ate. I with­drew that request for trans­fer today. You make me feel hope for this city. Your work gives me the courage to stay and fight for the city I love.

–Perry Licht­man

Other Viral Sites

Some new viral mar­ket­ing sites have also popped up, the first is one for Gotham’s National Bank found at www​.gotham​na​tion​al​bank​.com.

And Remem­ber­ing Gina, which can be found at www​.remem​ber​ing​gina​.org

Thirdly, there is a Gotham Police web­site located at www​.gotham​po​lice​.com.

And another one… this time its Gotham City Rail, www​.gotham​c​i​tyrail​.com, com­plete with a map of Gotham City, clearly show­ing the dam­age done dur­ing Bat­man Begins in the region of The Narrows.

The Gotham Times Newspaper Prize November 22nd, 2007

So, the folks that were lucky enough to be recruited by The Joker have now started to receive their gifts. It seems that they shall be receiv­ing a Gotham Times new paper, com­plete with news arti­cles, com­men­taries, Gotham adverts and much more to set the tone of the movie.

Bat­man­sJoker and Mito88 were kind enough to share some of their joys:

The arti­cles in this news­pa­per pay a num­ber of ref­er­ences to a few new web­sites, the first is that of The Gotham Times itself, www​.the​gotham​times​.com, with its first online edi­tion launch­ing Fri­day Novem­ber 23rd. The sec­ond new viral mar­ket­ing web­site seems to be one “We are the answer” which appears mul­ti­ple times — refer­ring to the page www​.wearethean​swer​.org, but this site hasn’t yet gone online, we’ll have to wait a lit­tle longer to see the treats that it holds. Thirdly, a ref­er­ence to an email was included in the print for humanresources@​whysoserious.​com, and when email­ing this address this auto response is returned:

See you found my lit­tle mes­sage. So, do you think you have what it takes to be a part of my cir­cle of friends? Are you a back­stab­bing, self-promoting, ambi­tious clown who will do any­thing to prove your­self to me? If so, the first step of your appli­ca­tion process awaits…if you know where to look.