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Batman Tidbits September 8th, 2007

Here are a cou­ple of inter­est­ing things from through-out this week. First up, Yahoo have posted the voice-over Dark Knight teaser video in high def­i­n­i­tion, here’s the link.

Here is another Gotham explo­sion video via YouTube:

Over at the SHH forums Big Engine posted up some inside pic­tures of the Card­ing­ton Hang­ers in the UK, to be used as the set­ting for a fight scene:

And some SWAT stunt footage via Lexwalk (warn­ing the descrip­tion of this video and the video itself can be con­sid­ered a bit spoi­ler­ish):

Mean­while, Mag­gie Gyl­len­haal has been doing some mod­el­ling for Agent Provocateur.

And have a good week­end folks!

The Dark Knight Explosion Part 2 August 30th, 2007

Lots of footage and reports from the scene, I thought I would pro­vide a sec­ond post with some alter­nate angles and stun­ning photography.

Firstly, City Eyes has cap­tured some beau­ti­ful shots of the explosion:

Dark Knight Explosion

The Dark Knight Implosion

Dark Knight Building Demolition

Check out more of his pho­tog­ra­phy at either his blog or his flickr gallery. (Pre demo­li­tion pic­tures)

And here is another video from the ground:

The Brach Candy Factory Explosion August 29th, 2007

Animated GIF of Explosion

And another ver­sion here. Filmed from the Air­Fox heli­copter. The Chicago Tri­bune has a video from an alter­na­tive angle, this time with sound.