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16th Dark Knight TV Spot July 13th, 2008

The 16th Dark Knight TV spot is now air­ing, fea­tur­ing excerpts from the Rolling Stone review,

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TV Spots 12–15 July 4th, 2008

Here… we… go! Another 4 Dark Knight TV spots for you, I’m going to need a cup of cof­fee. These come via Bat­man — Yes­ter­day, Today and Beyond:

4 New Dark Knight TV Spots & Featurette June 24th, 2008

TV Spot #6

TV Spot #7

TV Spot #8

TV Spot #9

Com­cast Chicago TDK Featurette

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There’s also some new Gotham Knight footage at IGN (thanks again Csam).

5th Dark Knight TV Spot June 20th, 2008

This was has more of a focus on Rachel / Mag­gie Gyllenhaal:

4th TV Spot June 11th, 2008

The fourth tele­vi­sion spot for The Dark Knight has now aired, I love the start of this one:

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Third Dark Knight TV Spot May 16th, 2008

The third Dark Knight tele­vi­sion spot is now air­ing, here is the online ver­sion for you:

First Two Dark Knight TV Spots May 12th, 2008

Start­ing as of last night, Warner Bros. have began air­ing a cou­ple of tele­vi­sion spots for the Dark Knight. Thanks to all those that sent this in.

“Out of the dark­ness, comes the Knight” — not too hard to think that one up!

Here you go:

TV Spot #1:

TV Spot #2: