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42 Entertainment’s Why So Serious Campaign March 5th, 2009

Alter­nate Real­ity Brand­ing have a page and three videos sur­mis­ing 42 Entertainment’s 2008 activ­i­ties, specif­i­cally the Dark Knight Why So Seri­ous viral mar­ket­ing campaign.

High­lights include over 10M unique par­tic­i­pants across 75 dif­fer­ent coun­tries through ‘even­tiz­ing’ the web, for instance the use of cell phones ring­ing from within cakes in Bak­ery stores. All in all it kept The Dark Knight in the news and alive and well on the inter­net for over a year, lead­ing up to the July ’08 release.

Cam­paign Overview Video

Comic-con Event Video

Har­vey Dent cam­paign video

Found via /Film and FSR

DVD Pre-release Dark Knight games December 7th, 2008

Lead­ing up to the Decem­ber 9th DVD and Blu-ray release of The Dark Knight, Warner Bros. have set up a cou­ple of Dark Knight related games for us fans to play.

The first is “The Dark Knight Puz­zle”,

Here’s my badge…

The sec­ond is from My Dark Knight, the page is enti­tled The Dark Knight Wid­get, which comes with lots of pro­mo­tional niceties, such as Twit­ter back­grounds, down­loads (wall­pa­pers, screen­savers) and a pro­file pic creator.

Includ­ing the “peel­back” script after the break…
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Fan made Joker defaced Oscar Poster December 7th, 2008

Nick wrote in with this excel­lent piece of Fan art show­ing an (old) Oscar poster clev­erly defaced by the Joker, cre­ated by joshmc at the Fan Art Exhibit.

Warner Bros. launches ‘For Your Consideration’ Site November 11th, 2008

Warner Broth­ers have launched a Dark Knight ‘For Your Con­sid­er­a­tion’ web­site as we approach the awards sea­son. The site also fea­tures a free down­load of the Dark Knight screen­play and a list of upcom­ing screenings.

In other news, the mayor of Bat­man, a small town in Turkey, is look­ing to sue the film mak­ers for using the name of their town with­out per­mis­sion. Shouldn’t mat­ter really, con­sid­er­ing The Dark Knight is cur­rently sit­ting at almost $997m world­wide, and about to step into the mem­bers only bil­lion dol­lar club.

(Also, did you know, appar­ently The Dark Knight has bro­ken some records! Maybe even the one for blu-ray sales!)

Comcast Game: “Gotham City Street Chase” July 17th, 2008

Csam Cram has been in touch to tell us of Comcast’s lat­est Dark Knight pro­mo­tion, an online flash game fea­tur­ing the Bat­pod and Joker trucks throw­ing explo­sives, enti­tled “Gotham City Street Chase”:

Joker Defaced Posters July 16th, 2008

We reported that The Joker got to the front page of the Offi­cial Dark Knight web­site, wreak­ing havoc with his red paint, we for­got to men­tion that the poster down­loads also got hit — whilst the main site has now returned to its for­mer state, here are the posters as they once stood, graffiti’d by The Joker:

Con­tribut­ing Source: IMPAwards

Dark Knight Wallpapers, MSN Site July 15th, 2008

MSN have released a spe­cial Dark Knight web­site, sim­i­lar to the Com­cast and Ver­i­zon ones, with down­loads, wall­pa­pers, trail­ers and syn­op­sis, noth­ing too fancy here though there are some lovely new Wall­pa­pers to check out:

Thanks Israr!

New Joker call and Gotham Tonight Episode: Bank Robbery July 13th, 2008

The own­ers of the assorted Joker phones have received a new phone call, with a mon­tage of mum­bled sounds and clips with phrases such as “Is any­body there? Please help” and “Don’t do it, don’t do it”, together with the sounds of the Gotham PD in the back­ground before end­ing with the Joker’s mani­a­cal laugh.

Down­load audio of the call

Coin­cid­ing with this phone call, the lat­est episode of Gotham Tonight has been added to GCN, the episode is set to inter­view Har­vey Dent, the “White Knight”, how­ever half way through it cuts to news of The Joker’s bank robbery.

Cel­e­brated jour­nal­ist Mike Engel sits down with the “White Knight” of Gotham City — Dis­trict Attor­ney Har­vey Dent. Dent defends con­tro­ver­sial crime-fighter Bat­man, and says they’ve “ben­e­fited the entire city.”

Dent takes calls from view­ers on Jonathan Crane and fears of a new out­break of Fear Toxin, and con­fronts a GPD police offi­cer angry over Dent’s pros­e­cu­tion of cor­rupt cops. And Engel asks the ques­tions everybody’s been talk­ing about — is Har­vey Dent dat­ing Assis­tant Dis­trict Attor­ney Rachel Dawes? The episode ends with the break­ing news that the Gotham National Bank has been hit by rob­bers who made away with 68 mil­lion dol­lars from the vault.

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