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Dark Knight August 23rd Filming Report August 23rd, 2007

Rory_bat, from the Super­Hero­Hype forums has been on loca­tion recently for the lat­est TDK shoot,

He had this to say:

Alright, I am sure you guys already know where they were shoot­ing today: Berghoff’s (I think I spelled that right), some kind of old and classy restaurant/bar type. The crew had vehi­cles all on Adams and the adjoin­ing streets. The first time I walked by early on in the day they were shoot­ing inside. They had some screens up over the exte­rior and I could hear them yell “rolling”. I didn’t know who was inside at this point. Out­side there was a large bus that had “Cor­erc­tions” writ­ten on the side of it. It was a GPD bus, pre­sum­ably for haul­ing off pris­on­ers of a sort. There were also a few GPD extras milling around. I walked fur­ther down toward State St. and saw all kinds of GPD and Gotham cars wait­ing to be used. I fig­ured some exte­rior stuff would be hap­pen­ing later. I wasn’t wrong.

Around 2:30 or 3:00 I made my way back and sure enough, there was quite a bit of action. There was a whole crowd of extras dressed in suits, they seemed to be reporters or maybe just onlook­ers. In front of this crowd was a GPD offi­cer holdig a shot­gun (very cool). Some of the extras were pre­tend­ing to shiver..don’t for­gett the fall set­ting. It was amus­ing to watch. A bit fur­ther down in front of Berghoff’s was were the good stuff was hap­pen­ing. Nolan and co. were shoot­ing a scene where GPD and Lt. Gor­don escort Maroni and his goons into the cor­rec­tions bus, bust­ing them. I stood across the street and watched (tak­ing pics and got video of one whole take). Eric Roberts looked great as Maroni, cuffed and all. After each take they would wipe the sweat off of Old­man, Roberts and the extras, attempt­ing to keep the atmos­phere of Fall in place (cer­tainly tough with today’s weather).

Shots from the film­ing: