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EXTREME SPOILERS — Two Face and The Joker July 8th, 2008

I wish I hadn’t seen these. The French site, Lyri​cis​.fr have posted screen caps from The Dark Knight show­ing Two Face and The Joker in scenes that are VERY spoi­lerific. I warn you — look­ing at these images may be too much, they are also very graphic.

I have lis­tened to your warn­ing and want to see this anyway

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Batgirl567 July 8th, 2008

Hon­estly, I didn’t find these too hor­rif­ficly spoiler-ish. We’ve already seen what two face looks like, so these were just from dif­fer­ent view­points. The first one looks like he’s drink­ing a shot glass, like in our 30 sec­ond glance. We also already had some knowl­egde that Jjoker would sneak into the hos­pi­tal as a nurse, so again, this was just a closer view. (Is he wear­ing a wig or just fluff­ing his hair?) We also already had a good idea that the scare­crow would have some type of role. He was men­tioned in sev­eral viral mar­ket­ing cam­pains. The only thing that kinda sur­prised me was that the Joker came by Harvey’s bedside.

wez July 9th, 2008

i agree with batgirl,i looked at them and dont think it gives too much away apart from the fact that joker vis­its har­vey in hos­pi­tal
had this been a video it wouldve been quite a spoiler,but we dont know the dia­logue here so we’re safe!lol

antuon July 9th, 2008

I trans­lated the french, roughly, and it says that Joker comes to fin­ish the job “Kill the Dent” or some­thing like that. Noth­ing inter­est­ing above the scare­crow pic though.