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The Joker Chauffeur Scene July 25th, 2008

Dur­ing the viral mar­ket­ing cam­paign we were given this image of The Joker being chauffeured:

Chris has pointed out that this was not in the movie — maybe there are some more Joker scenes wait­ing for us on the DVD release, or a director’s cut? We can only hope. Where do you thing this would have fit into the movie?

My pre­dic­tion is prior to the Har­vey Dent fundraiser at the Pent­house scene.

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Galaf July 25th, 2008

There is also the scene where the Bat­mo­bile is going out of the Batcave.

dragon July 25th, 2008

Well, i have read that Chris Nolans first edit­ing Pass at the movie was around 3 hours long,but the stu­dio said it needed to be shorter. So pos­si­bly a Direc­tors cut,or deleted scenes ?
there were a few scenes,or per­for­mances from either pic­tures or the trailer that i didnt see in the film as well.
the clip of the Joker Say­ing “you’ll see,i’ll show ya” While in the inter­ro­ga­tion room wasnt in the film either.

Ian July 25th, 2008

All the stuff with Bat­man stand­ing on cop cars. That was really damn cool and really damn not in the movie.

Bat­man July 25th, 2008

This looks like the Joker’s on his way to the Har­vey Dent party at Bruces place. I rec­og­nize the mask of the dri­ver. And The Joker did say ” you’ll see, I’ll show ya” but the cam­era didnt look at him when he said it.

DAVID S. July 25th, 2008

My guess is when Joker is going to Bruces Pent­house, too.

BatGirl567 July 25th, 2008

So there’s obvi­ously been a cut. Though, I know I wouldn’t have minded at all if those had been in it.
Here’s the round up:
–No joker Chauf­feur scene
–No Bat­man on top of cop cars
–No Bat­mo­bile skid­ding out of Bat­cave
It’s odd; those were like, the first images released.

Any­thing else missing??

Christo­pher Molloy July 25th, 2008

I’m pretty sure the sceen where The Joker fires the bazooka was not the same as trailer.

Drunk­en­sheep July 25th, 2008

The slow clap with the joker in the jail cell. They just have a quick shot of him clap­ping very enthu­si­as­ti­cally for Gor­don, but not the slow pan up and long slow clap from the trailer.

dmmp_48 July 25th, 2008

Maybe they left some Joker Footage out on pur­pose to be used in the 3rd Movie?

dead­wood July 25th, 2008

also the scene from the domi­nos trailer were the joker stands in front of the burn­ing notes say­ing ‘this city is mine now’ and the walk down the street from the sec­ond trailer were he flicks out his blade„

Nick July 25th, 2008

Also the snip­pet of Har­vey Dent enter­ing the press con­fer­ence, straight­en­ing his tie and step­ping on stage. The movie shows him already on stage at the press conference.

Bat­man July 25th, 2008

The Joker does say “this town is mine now”. It just has a dif­fer­ent angle than the trailer. These are just trail­ers, it doesnt mean its
going to be the movie exactly as it looks in them.

Kevin Miller July 25th, 2008

To be fair, a lot of viral mar­ket­ing mate­r­ial is not used in the final cut. Remem­ber the CLOVERFIELD viral adver­tise­ments? There were dozens of pho­tos of the mon­ster under­wa­ter and attack­ing boats in the ocean, but there was no men­tion in the film, nor were they included in the deleted scenes. Just addi­tional stuff to make you want to see it.

On the side note, I’m glad they kept the scene with Joker in the body bag. I though they might remove that part, just because it would be kind of touchy…

Tyler July 25th, 2008

yeah there is a bit in the trailer where he goes hello comishiner* when he is lying against the wall

Michael July 25th, 2008

no, he doesn’t say it while next to the wall. that’s just good edit­ing for the trailer. he says the ‘evening com­mis­sioner’ line when gor­don first enters the inter­ro­ga­tion room in the dark. he does the suck­ing in of the lips thing from the trailer when he’s sit­ting on the floor and asks the guy about his friends and such.

they obvi­ously took a bunch of takes of cer­tain scenes, which is why some of the joker’s lines sound dif­fer­ent or use dif­fer­ent words in the var­i­ous trail­ers and the fin­ished film.

Pierre-luc July 25th, 2008


MikeyD July 25th, 2008

Like dmmp_48 said, these scene could have been edited out and used in a third film in some way. Dia­logue scenes could be edited out for use of the dia­logue, and scenes like that image of him in the back seat of the car, it could be used any­where maybe…and could be used as a sort of…glimse in the third film.

If that’s true…that would mean that Heath Ledger’s final per­for­mance on screen wouldn’t be for another three — four years or so.

Spin­dles July 25th, 2008

A fox news clip that aired a while ago showed a ‘behined the scenes’ shot of the Health, in make-up, prac­tic­ing his moves to enter a sim­i­lar look­ing car. Obvi­ously we have some cut-scenes here. The clip is on you-tube.

Bat­man July 25th, 2008

Ya know, I think every­one needs to real­ize that not every scene makes it into a movie.

Alexis July 25th, 2008

Spin­dles, could you give us a link?

Also, if you guys haven’t noticed yet, the Joker has recently defaced all of the posters and wall­pa­pers on the movie’s web­site. http://​thedark​knight​.warner​bros​.com/

Nick July 25th, 2008

Sup­pos­edly, Chris Nolan’s first cut of “The Dark Knight” ran about 3 hours — to get either that extended cut or the full monty of deleted scenes in a future home video release would be awe­some. Are you lis­ten­ing, Warner Brothers?

Travis July 25th, 2008

I have a ques­tion. We’re told that Two-Face “killed 5 peo­ple, 2 of them cops.” I still only count 3. The guy who picked him up, Rameriz got to live, and then the Maroni and his dri­ver. Who were the other 2? That seemed like stuff was cut to me.

chris July 25th, 2008

“things we lose have a way of com­ing back to us in the end. If not always in the way we expect.“
–Talia al Ghul

Rancid001 July 25th, 2008

with that joker pic­ture, do you think that may of been the bus dri­ver? because you never see him get killed, but you know he dies.

Brey­fogle July 26th, 2008

The bus dri­ver? Not to be a dick, but did U actu­ally see this movie, Ran­cid!? No, I agree with those who say this is a cut scene from what may have came right before Bruce Wayne’s party for Dent.
It would only be fit­ting after the tragic and sud­den loss of such a great artist for Nolan and WB to pro­vide the World with EVERYTHING that has been cap­tured on film of Heath’s bril­liant per­for­mance (used or cut) on the TDK DVD come this Fall. (oh, and just in case theyre really pay­ing atten­tion to this: ‘optional pro­duc­tion com­men­tary’ on the DVD is very deserved for a film of this caliber)

Anony­mous July 26th, 2008

With regards to the “you’ll see, I’ll show you”, he only said “I’ll show you”. One scene that was left out was when he tosses his knife from one hand to the other. If you watch TV spot 6 when he has Dawes hang­ing out the win­dow he says “ooo, very poor choice of words and laughs”, in the final cut “ooo” was edited out com­pletely and his laugh was cut off. With the excep­tion of the laugh from the teaser trailer, many of his sadis­tic laughs were left out.

p.s. Sorry for lack of proper sen­tence structure : )

Anony­mous July 26th, 2008

One more thing:
We should peti­tion for a direc­tors cut. Deleted scenes are cool but I want it all. This movie was too short with not enough Two-Face or Joker. I want the whole enchilada.

Anony­mous July 26th, 2008

LOL, for­got to add some­thing (yes, I’m a retard), I want the takes used in the trail­ers. Heath sounded much more seri­ous and sadis­tic in those takes; very intense. The final cut was very good too, but some­thing about the deliv­ery used in the trail­ers just sent chills down my spine.

The Joker July 26th, 2008

This is prob­a­bly takes place imme­di­ately after the Dent Fund Raiser. After Bat­man and Rachel fall out of the build­ing they never show what hap­pens to The Joker or his gang. It would take away from The Joker crash­ing the party if they were to show him imme­di­ately prior, which is why I believe it hap­pened after, not before the Fund Raiser. It could have hap­pened later in the movie as well.

Brey­fogle July 26th, 2008

hmmmm, good point “Joker”(look above). But maybe thats why Nolan ended up cut­ting it. ha, im just saying.…u kno?

destruct26 July 26th, 2008

Well, in light of all this info, i will say a few things:
I would very much like to see a com­plete pack­age as far as the dvd is con­cerned. The Bat­man Begins Deluxe Set was, i sup­pose, as com­plete as they wanted it to be at the time, and i dont want to be an self­ish tool BUT– i was kind of pissed that they didnt at least throw in the teaser trailer. Oof. That sent chills down the spine 4 years ago and still does. As far as com­men­tary goes, i dont believe Nolan has done a com­men­tary for any of his pre­vi­ous movies, i could be wrong. If this pack­age is gonna be deliv­ered, it should be as com­plete as, i dare say, most of us should want it:
*com­men­tary (from SOMEBODY)
*Extended ver­sion or Direc­tors cut
*All trail­ers, includ­ing the 4 or 5 not the­atri­cally shown
*All 16 TV spots
*The same type of con­tent like on the Bat­man Begins Deluxe Edi­tion
*And most likely a chunk if not all of the viral stuff from the year long mar­ket­ing cam­paign. And that means ALL the gotham tonite spe­cials, phone calls, fan stuff, etc. I also want that on there to, because i was there in NYC pro­mot­ing har­vey dent cam­paign, and want to see my stu­pid fat face scream­ing “HARVEY DENT FOR D.A.!!” Yeah. Im self­ish. Sue me. I guess we gotta wait…

hector117 July 26th, 2008

well i also think that it is from the scene before the joker crashes the har­vey dent party…and christo­pher nolan has done a direc­tors com­men­tary on “memento” and i think thats the only one as far as i know.…and on scenes deleted i noticed(i could be wrong) that the scene where he says “your just a freak…like me!!!” before the build­ing blows up in the first the­atri­cal trailer where u see him smil­ing inbe­tween build­ings wasnt in there…

Grant July 26th, 2008

i cant recall a film ever using so many alter­nate scenes and shots in their promotional/ad campaigns.….interesting.

ponx July 26th, 2008

uhh. i seem to recall in the trailer where at Dent’s fundrais­ing party the joker walks to Rachel, n said “I’ll set­tle for his loved ones”, the walk­ing part is there. but the line didnt came out at the movie. oh god, i so hope the DVD got much much more stuff

Ian July 26th, 2008

I think the chauf­fer scene comes after the dent fundraiser. That was a big plot hole in the movie. Bat­man lands on a taxi with Rachel and the Joker is still up in the pent­house with armed goons, but it just cuts to the next morn­ing with Gor­don and Dent.

Also, most of the com­ments here men­tion scenes that are in the movie just filmed or edited differently.

alex July 26th, 2008

i sec­ond that Grant. it was a tad bizarre… any­way, one scene that stood out to me in par­tic­u­lar was at Dent’s fund raiser party, when the Joker says “…A lit­tle fight in ya… I like that” he doesn’t lick his lips in the movie like he does in the trailer. :/

seem­ing how we’re throw­ing out ideas for the DVD, i want an *unrated* direc­tors cut. i remem­ber read­ing some­where that there was a lot of stuff cut to get a PG-13 rat­ing (i imag­ine most of it had to do with the Joker), and i reaaaal­l­lyyy wanna see the stuff that was cut… Remem­ber when(****SPOILERS****) the Joker is deliv­ered to Gam­ble in a body bag, and after his chill­ing story about his father, he some­how kills Gam­ble? i want to see what the Joker did to him with that knife… instead of the cam­era cut­ting away to the guards face just twist­ing in hor­ror. for me, that edit­ing made me snap back to real­ity and real­ize i was just watch­ing a movie, and in my head i thought “wtf was that. lame”… but whatever.

BatGirl567 July 26th, 2008

It would be a finan­cial dis­grace to Warner­Bros if they didn’t make a sequel. I think they should put Cat­woman in it. They really should add these deleted scenes and out­takes in the dvd. Why hads this been the most recent post for days??? Updates??

The Joker July 26th, 2008

I agree with you two (Alex & Grant). So many alter­nate scenes like in the sec­ond trailer they show a close-up of Dent rais­ing his hand up when another shot if fired. To Anony­mous, I noticed they didn’t use his laughs either and I agree with a peti­tion for a director’s cut. The deliv­ery in those trail­ers were on a whole dif­fer­ent level then what ended up on the final cut (The Joker’s mono­logue is so much darker than it actu­ally is in the movie. Even his mono­logue about the “civ­i­lized peo­ple”), but they were still good nonethe­less. Another alter­nate scene hap­pens in the inter­ro­ga­tion scene. If you watch TV spot 8 when he says “I know the truth”, It looks much more dra­matic there than in the final cut.
I know that in movies they use alter­nate takes but we paid good money to see this movie and I think we deserve to see this movie in all of its uncensored/uncut glory.

bob kane jr. July 26th, 2008

“Bat­girl”, I under­stood every­thing in ur blog except the last ques­tion: what do u mean, “why has this been the most recent post for days???” Are u imply­ing that this blog about the edited/alternated scenes have been the only thing up for days on this won­der­ful blog and that u are just com­pletely burnt out on reg weed and on this subject.…SOO now, damn it, u and your peo­ple deserve a more recent post!!!????

Ah, just wanna make sure im get­ting u right;)

–Btw, are u a very cute and pos­si­bly sexy “Batgirl”?

BatGirl567 July 26th, 2008

“Bob(by) Kane JR.” –
Thanks for the insult(s).Oh, yeah. No hard feel­ings at all. I mean, I could feel your man­ners and charm ooz­ing through my com­puter screen. What I WAS imply­ing was that before I wrote that, the com­ment posts were slow­ing down. I was just a lit­tle sur­prised that such a sub­ject as the un-seen scenes (pun intended) would wear out so fast. I am ever so grate­ful to be sur­rounded by a com­mu­nity of fans such as myself, and the per­son who runs this blog does a fan­tas­tic job. He prob­a­bly already works hard enough, espe­cially with news dying down, and I would never try to put any pres­sure on him.
So, I hope you’re “get­ting me right” now.

Now that that’s out of my sys­tem…
I’m told I’m very cute and a 8.7 on the Sexy Scale.

Bill Fin­ger July 26th, 2008

i dont kno if any­one has the hook up, u kno with know­ing the “right peo­ple” involv­ing this film but i believe what ever doesn’t kill u, simply.….oops sorry about that.….(starting to do that all the time now. No i meant, i believe if enough of us or all of us peti­tion and write Warner Broth­ers and or Nolan and Co. to pro­vide us fans with all the exclu­sive footage we’ve been dis­cussing about(oh and more) come this fall on the TDK DVD release, that are wishes.….
.….will be granted. yeahhhhhh!!!!

BatGirl567 July 26th, 2008

Hi again, all. I was just thinking…what hap­pened after Bat­man and Rachel landed on a taxi after falling sev­eral sto­ries? He wouldn’t just leave Joker in his pent­house with armed hench­men, right? Maybe since He couldn’t find Dent and he had just thrown his loved one from a win­dow, he just left. With style I’m sure. Any thoughts??

BatGirl567 July 26th, 2008

Bill Fin­ger– That’s a great idea!!! We would prob­a­bly need a LOT of sig­na­tures, though. Should we pass the peti­tion through by email or what?

bob kane jr. July 26th, 2008

haa, no, i wouldnt dare put down The Bat­girl. Ya, maybe a’lil flirt­ing through some harm­less sar­casm, but never burn the bridge of some­one that may save ur ass some­day when u need it the most(especially when she’s just that sexy;)
so now that I got that out of the way and also out of my system.…uh 8.7 sounds pretty good.
so hey u! whats up? ;)

BatGirl567 July 26th, 2008

What’s up your­self? I’m fine, but maybe we should take this off the chauf­feur board. I feel that per­haps some peo­ple didn’t come here to see out conversation.

The Joker July 27th, 2008

It appears some of my mes­sage got cut off ear­lier but basi­cally I agree with you Anony­mous about the peti­tion. I as well would like the whole “enchi­lada” as you put it. I want an Uncut/Extended Plat­inum edi­tion (just had to throw the “plat­inum” part in there so you all know I’m seri­ous). This movie truly was too short.

The Joker July 27th, 2008

It appears some of my mes­sage got cut off ear­lier but basi­cally I agree with you Anony­mous about the peti­tion. I as well would like the whole “enchi­lada” as you put it. I want an Uncut/Extended Plat­inum edi­tion (just had to throw the “plat­inum” part in there so you all know I’m seri­ous). This movie truly was too short

The Joker July 27th, 2008

D’oh. Sorry for the dou­ble post. The site was misbehaving.

The Joker July 27th, 2008

Brey­fogle– Yeah, I hear ya. But still, I want all of it, and I’m sure a lot of peo­ple feel the same way.

Willy July 27th, 2008

I think we should treat it as a viral mar­ket­ing pro­mo­tional photo: http://​www​.wiz​arduni​verse​.com/​1​2​0​3​0​7​d​k​0​1​.​h​tml
click on the same pic­ture in the wiz­ard uni­verse site, although it was some­how dimin­ished or com­pressed, there is in fact exif of the pic­ture: http://​us​.st12​.yimg​.com/​u​s​.​s​t​.​y​i​m​g​.​c​o​m​/​I​/​w​i​z​a​r​d​u​n​i​v​e​r​s​e​_​2​0​1​1​_​7​5​4​0​0​5​788

tyler July 27th, 2008

Okay. we’re kind of pissed because most of the scenes were cut out from the movie and I’m kind of pissed off. But there 2 prob­a­ble rea­sons why those scenes were cut out.

1)They didn’t want the dark knight to be too long, so the prob­a­bly cut those scenes out.

2)The movie was going out to imax and lets not for­get about i am leg­end and beowulf. Those movies were most likely to be rated r but imax can’t allow r rated films in their movie the­atres. So they cut most of the scenes out of the film and put them on dvd. The same with the dark knight. They can’t allow that to be rated r. So cut the scenes out and rate it pg13.

But don’t worry. They most likely will have an unrated dvd or director’s cut maybe before decem­ber and every­thing will be good.

BatGirl567 July 27th, 2008

That’s a log­i­cal the­ory. I hope you’re right.

joker84 July 27th, 2008

What about this?

“Michael Caine said:

You think Jack Nichol­son in the role and you can’t imag­ine any­one top­ping him. Heath’s just as good in another direc­tion. He’s ter­ri­fy­ing. The first time I saw him, we were rehears­ing. He comes up in the ele­va­tor to me in Batman’s flat and raids the place. And I hadn’t seen him, I’d never met him and he comes out scream­ing and it’s like ‘wow’. I com­pletely for­got my lines. Scary. It will frighten the life out of people.”

I cant remem­ber him raid­ing bat­mans flat. Unless its when he crashes the party.

bat­man July 27th, 2008

Michael Caine is talk­ing about Joker crash­ing the party.

Nick July 27th, 2008

I’m cur­rently read­ing the movie’s nov­el­iza­tion, and on page 169 there’s a scene that takes place after Bruce’s party and reads as fol­lows. It could be what was meant to take place in the orig­i­nal chauf­feur picture:

‘In the back­seat of the SUV, the Joker was alter­nately gasp­ing for breath and laugh­ing. He touched a stream­let of blood run­ning down his makeup-smeared chin with a fore­fin­ger, licked it, and said, “Yummy! Did you see that? Did you love it a great big bunch? I tossed the lovely bird into the wind and out Bats went. I wonder…would the Bats take a header for every­one? Or is that pretty lit­tle birdie some­one spe­cial? Either way, we know one thing for sure now…Batman will always try to save the inno­cent. And that will be his downfall!

“What about Dent?” the dri­ver asked.

“Oh, I’m a man of my word,” the Joker said, smiling.

BatGirl567 July 27th, 2008

What is the title? I’d like to have a look at that as well. That does sound like the chauf­feur scene to me.

LogicHat July 27th, 2008

From the screenplay:

“INT. CAR — Continuous

The Joker looks back as his car SPEEDS away. He’s breath­ing hard, EXHILARATED. He touches the blood run­ning down his sweaty makeup. SMACKS the back of the driver’s seat–

What do we do about Dent?

I’m a man of my word.”

That’s it. The nov­el­iza­tion dia­logue was obvi­ously writ­ten by a comic writer. Very expos­i­tory and goofy.

Anony­mous July 27th, 2008

So “The Joker” was right; It does take place after the Dent Fundraiser. Good job “The Joker”.

juinyer July 28th, 2008

A pod­cast inter­view with screen­writer Jonathan Nolan states that not a lot was cut so there might not be a lot for a dvd. Basi­cally, there might be some extended scenes or a re-cut of scenes, but don’t expect much.

Link opens in iTunes…

BatGirl567 July 28th, 2008

I also didn’t see Bruce and Har­vey toast­ing glasses.

bob kane jr. July 28th, 2008

im curi­ous: at the end of the bank rob­bery, the joker sticks what appears to be a grenade in the bank manager’s mouth until u wit­ness green smoke released due to the yanked pin. Cut/edited scene or not, were they imply­ing that the gas was a prank instead of a real grenade or was it a dan­ger­ous, pos­si­bly dis­fig­ur­ing joker gas? Ive won­dered that for sev­eral months since see­ing the first 6min months ago hop­ing when seen in full they would elab­o­rate. HELLUVA A FILM.…still dont kno what that joker gas is!!

ysose­ri­ous?? July 28th, 2008

I believe the chauf­feur scene is when joker is on his way to bruces pent­house to crash the party.

destruct26 July 31st, 2008

hmm… inter­est­ing. they didnt actu­ally show the bank blow up like i had expected from watch­ing the pro­logue for months on you tube. OH– i wanna see a gag reel or out­takes to, dammit!

lyn­don bridge July 31st, 2008

how bout the famous poster where bat­man stood next to the bat sign ablaze in flames on wrecked build­ing? didnt notice that in the movie either..

All Know­ing July 31st, 2008

I say that it is dur­ing the mon­tage of the judge, D.A. and the crash of the Wayne party.

Q August 1st, 2008

This film des­per­ately needs a re-cut, or extended ver­sion for DVD… I don’t recall who posted this, but they were right– Warn­ers used too much alter­nate mate­r­ial in their ad cam­paign. And frankly, I felt that a lot of the footage was a tad bet­ter than what was used… espe­cially the final shot of the film, which is the open­ing shot in one of the first trail­ers… The one used in the film, is short, less engag­ing and frankly I believe the shot is “key-stoning” — an effect when an ultra wide angle lens is used improp­erly… nonethe­less, I think the movie suf­fered in spots, and the idea that we have alter­nate footage to look at leaves me, and hope­fully all of you puzzled…

One scene that stands out is, after the “Truck Flip” — It was cut so fast, too fast… and they left out that really inter­est­ing slow shot, of the Joker walk­ing towards Bat­man after he fell off his lit­tle bike he had… Instead, that whole sequence was cut for time (as it seems) … stu­dio pres­sure, or shoddy edit­ing? Either way, the film needs to be extended for DVD… I felt the edit­ing ruined “Bat­man Begins” and “The Pres­tige” — I felt 3/4 of “The Dark Knight” fixed this prob­lem as they held shots so your brain could actu­ally process them, but then in other spots, was just sloppy…

The Joker August 2nd, 2008

Q, I agree with you. “Anony­mous” sug­gested a peti­tion and I agree 100% with the guy. I don’t want any of these really great scenes from the trailer left on the cut­ting room floor. They teased us with these great shots and alter­nate takes, some of which were much bet­ter than the ones actu­ally used, and I want those put back where they belong. Greedy? Yes. But we’re mak­ing them rich. I want the best take of this movie possible.

Keith August 3rd, 2008

There are no Scenes…just shots.

You guys are mak­ing some­thing out of noth­ing. if you have PROOF there’s a cut Scene then show me. All I’m see­ing is Bat­man on police cars (thats when he’s exit­ing MCU to find Rachel and get to the Bat­pod) and Joker being dri­ven (that’s after Joker leaves the party when Bat­man, again, goes after Rachel) these are shots…

The Joker August 3rd, 2008

Keith– No offense but that would be ridicu­lous to just take shots and not actu­ally film these scenes. Watch the trail­ers and you will see scenes that were not included.

steve August 6th, 2008

Okay I feel like a com­plete idiot, but I saw the film twice. I saw it open­ing night at mid­night and I saw it again sev­eral hours ago. I think I saw an irreg­u­lar­ity in the two. The first time I saw it, when the joker was clap­ping in the jail, it seemed that he was clap­ping for an extended time and even longer then the cops. The sec­ond time I saw it he clapped with them and then the scene cut. It is def­i­nitely pos­si­ble I imag­ined this or it was actu­ally just in one of the trail­ers. But, I think that I am actu­ally right about this. Did any­one else notice this change?

Some­Dude August 7th, 2008

I saw the film like six times, and the only thing that changed was lame ass Twi­light in the trail­ers instead of BOLT. Per­son­ally the movie is good as is, but some shots would be cool for an extended cut

The Joker August 20th, 2008

I was right. This scene does take place after the Dent Fundraiser.

Eli August 31st, 2008

Can any­one find me the lines that Joker and Bat­man are say­ing while they are both in that jail cell room.

ive been try­ing to find those quotes all over but cant seem to find them

i believe it is the scene when joker says “you’ll see, ill show ya”

but yeah if any­one can find this for me it would be greatly appreciated.

Eli August 31st, 2008

Sorry to dou­ble post but it is also the scene where Joker Says:

“I know what you are. Your just a freak, like me!”

Why So Serious September 3rd, 2008


here’s a video some dude make about the dif­fer­ences between trail­ers & tv spots and final cut

also there’s a pic­ture of that fake bat­man dead body with an knife in his pads , in the movie it was just a clips or some­thing like that

dif­fer­ent angel in the scene that bat­man crushes the scare­crow car

some dif­fer­ent dialouge from script and movie

dif­fer­ent angel in inter­ro­ga­tion scene

and so on

we all know film­mak­ers shoot a scene so many times in so many angels and then choose the best one in edit­ing . but hry it’s Dark Knight !! it’s Joker and it’s the last heath ledger com­plete role . we all want to see every shots in the movie . every dif­fer­ent angel and every cen­sored scene . in the other hand if they keep those shots for the third one to make a joker ( like brando in super­man returns ) i give them the right , but seri­ously who wants a joker with­out ledger o with com­put­ery ledger ? so dear warner bros , give us what we want , and what we deserve

The Joker September 3rd, 2008

Agreed “Why So Seri­ous”. I want it all. Warner Bros must give us the goods.

Stephen Daniels September 23rd, 2008

This was addressed a while back, but the joker does say “Evening, com­mis­sioner” in the trailer with­out video, with the dark knight sym­bol being bro­ken. dear god, its almost here for release! oh jesus.

Glass October 13th, 2009

You guys are idiots. A lot of those scenes were in the movie, they’re just taken in dif­fer­ent angles.

Tisa Zim­merly March 14th, 2010

I’ve always sim­ply enjoyed watch­ing cin­e­mas with Michael Cain. I was search­ing for tid bits of infor­ma­tion on Michael and some­how ended up on your blog. I’ve found this post of inter­est. I’ll go and take a look through the rest of your site. Thank-you

Gio­vanna Pasquarelli April 1st, 2010

I empha­tize, I feel the same way about that.

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Alphonso Kemm­ler September 16th, 2010

I like twi­light! I could sit and watch all day long if I did not have school..or life to stay me from doing it! lol Amaz­ing Just Wonderful!

Emo October 9th, 2010

I actu­ally think so too. I have been brows­ing around the inter­net for some time today, and its really hard to find some­thing inter­est­ing to read on blogs:P Maybe its because there are too many of those around =) But your place actu­ally keeps catch­ing my attention:P Great posts, and kawai design ^__^. Ill be sure to give it more time from now on =P

shimpo pot­tery wheel October 16th, 2010

I know this can be really bor­ing and you might be skip­ping to the next com­ment, but I just wanted to throw you a big thank you — you cleared up some things for me!

Emo February 6th, 2011

I can’t think of a cool reply =( Just wanted you to know i was here =P

Select­ing the February 7th, 2011