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Pasquale’s Bistro June 24th, 2008

Bryan has sent in a new viral web­site, the bistro of the fella that was inter­viewed in Gotham Tonight #2:

Pasquale’s Bistro

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what­what June 24th, 2008

So if you call the num­ber the answer­ing machine gives you the option of enter­ing in a 5 digit pin if you’re an admin­is­tra­tor. Any ideas what that pin is?

Tim June 24th, 2008

He’s the guy from the 2nd GCN video!

Jake June 25th, 2008

Maybe it’s Joker in Num­ber form? 56537

Why So Seri­ous — Red Bal­loons (Bat­man: The Dark Knight — Movie Chronicles) June 26th, 2008

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