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Why So Serious — Red Balloons June 26th, 2008

The Joker sent out another round of pic­ture mes­sages to the lucky hold­ers of the prize phones,

To find the next sideshow, share these with your fel­low goons. There’s no sub­sti­tu­tion for fun.

The pic­tures looked like this and were labelled 1A, 3B, etc. to form a larger grid:

Section of Grid

In this grid there are 21 dis­tinct shapes, each of which can be assigned a let­ter. From this pat­tern of 21 let­ters, a sub­sti­tu­tion cypher (as hinted in the text mes­sage) can be applied to reveal the message:

Color me impressed. Just use the sec­ond let­ter of the fourth word to the right of each cir­cled five-letter word to find out where to go from here

This applies to the new Ha Ha Ha Times, reveal­ing “Red Bal­loons” and hence:


This presents us with another flash game with the appar­ent aim of inflat­ing and burst­ing bal­loons to get points. At a cer­tain point of infla­tion the clown eyes turn blue — when they are all blue a ticket pops out which links to “Inept Lack­eys”.

Hired goons are so unre­li­able these days. That’s why I only employ the ones that grad­u­ated from the top of their class at Clown Col­lege (and being opera-lovers didn’t hurt, either). But Maroni’s got his hands full with inept lack­eys like lit­tle Ste­vie and Romeo, Romeo, where­fore art thou, Romeo? I’ll tell you where they are: sit­tin’ pretty with a smile on their face. They tried to resched­ule their pick up ser­vice at Pasquale’s, but things didn’t go accord­ing to plan.


Pasquale’s has a tele­phone num­ber for which the pass­code is “Verdi” (83734).

Thanks for the heads up Pierre!

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wez June 26th, 2008

this is def­fi­nately the widest one yet!lol!
how on earth did you guys fig­ure all that code stuff out?thank god for you guys coz that wouldve stumped me!!!
and how was the pin num­ber for the resta­raunt fig­ures out or am i miss­ing some­thing?!
keep up the good work brainiacs,i tip my hat to you!