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Citizens for Batman — Nycticeius Underground June 16th, 2008

The code has been cracked and the forums found — the Nyc­ti­ceius Under­ground!

The words were:


Login with user­name: nyc­ti­ceious, pass­word: mer­ritt

Why We Fight:

I’ve been patrolling my neigh­bor­hood for sev­eral weeks now. I’ve seen crime hap­pen in front of me. It’s obvi­ous City Hall doesn’t care, so why should we? I think that’s an impor­tant ques­tion to answer before we set out to DO SOMETHING about crime in Gotham. The answer might be dif­fer­ent for each of us. For me, I want to fight because I lost my sis­ter to vio­lent crime. She was attacked and bru­tally assaulted when she was leav­ing a group of friends at a restau­rant early one Sun­day night. Some­one was wait­ing for her by her car. She screamed and yelled “fire,” but no one came to help. Unlike many vic­tims, she went to the police, but they didn’t do any­thing. They gave her the runaround for months until she found her own peace. I fight for my sis­ter. I fight so bad things don’t hap­pen again to any­one. I fight because the police won’t. I fight to take back the city I used to be proud to call home.

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Free Pizza at Gotham City Pizze­ria! (Bat­man: The Dark Knight — Movie Chronicles) June 16th, 2008

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Flynn June 16th, 2008

Has any­one seen the Two-Face footage at Gotham Piz­zaria. There is now a haha link that is pretty cool.

kun­deremp June 17th, 2008

I think what hap­pened in CFB will be a back­ground story to The Dark Knight..

I can’t wait to watch it..

wez June 17th, 2008

i dont get it,is this just some­thing to read or can you chat in these forums?
i get the feel­ing you cant,and its just there too read.i also get the feel­ing its the start f a new viral as,after read­ing it,it looks like its build­ing up to some­thing huge in the way of a bat­man viral,rather than a vil­lain viral!

kun­deremp June 17th, 2008

Wit­ness said (and con­firmed by leaked pics) there will be a lot of fake Bat­man in The Dark Knight.

In the (fake) forum, Gotham cit­i­zens were dis­as­ti­fied by the defeat on Propo­si­tion D. Some­one had idea to con­fuse cops by using Bat­man mask and as we know, lot of Bat­man mask were dis­trib­uted in Pizza (and a mem­ber of CFB had Pizza store).

It seemed what hap­pened in CFB will be back­ground story to TDK.

Rey June 27th, 2008

I know who Lost­n­Found is. It is obvi­ous when read HER rea­son for start­ing the underground.