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Joker picture messages sent out, Gotham City Pizzeria June 13th, 2008

The Joker is tex­ting his cohorts, Bruce has sent us in the con­tent of his message:

I just got a text mes­sage on the Joker Phone that has a pic­ture that says “Memo­r­ial”. With the text, Group 2: Share this piece where *any* clown can find it.

Oth­ers have reported sim­i­lar mes­sages with images:

Group 1 images

Matador Mask55Mexican TrainMap

Some have sug­gested that Mex­i­can Train is a type of Domi­noes game.

Group 2 images

Group 3 images

All the first images relate to a type of Domino game.
All the sec­ond images are spelt with the same let­ters, as does the word “Com­mer­cial“
The frac­tions add up to 6/16

This all sug­gests: “Domi­nos Com­mer­i­cal on 16th June” — not sure what impor­tance that holds.

EDIT: GCN has updated — full Gotham Tonight show will be avail­able there on Mon­day, which is the 16th! Looks like that is the date to watch for.

Gotham City Pizze­ria, “pow­ered by Domi­nos pizza”


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Flynn June 13th, 2008

I think this all leads to the Gotham Pizza site, which is I believe run by Domino’s Pizza (or at least thats what I have read). Any­how it is for some pro­mo­tion on the 16th as far as I can tell.