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New Official Joker Picture July 28th, 2007

Revealed in the Why So Seri­ous escapades, we have this lit­tle delight star­ring Heath Ledger and Mag­gie Gyllenhaal,

Joker Picture The Dark Knight

First Production Shots June 15th, 2007

Now that we have had our first taste of The Joker and Har­vey Dent, some more deli­cious images from pro­duc­tion of The Dark Knight have begun stream­ing out. The first shows Nolan over­see­ing a smartly blurred-out Joker pro­logue scene, the sec­ond reveals some, assumed to be, hench­men of the Joker. From the promo shots and now these images we can already see that this film is build­ing to become darker and more sin­is­ter than Bat­man Begins, inline with the uttered notion that “things need to get worse before they can get better”.

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