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Two Face Toy in detail July 4th, 2008

You may remem­ber that a short while ago we posted a cam­era phone shot of a rather blurry, hard to make out Two Face toy. Zdravko has informed us of a new, high qual­ity pic­ture clearly show­ing Mr Dent’s defor­mi­ties, in plas­tic 5″ form (EDIT: not the 6″ version).

This comes via Legions of Gotham which have a great post illus­trat­ing all the Mat­tel Dark Knight toys.

Dark Knight products appearing on Amazon June 9th, 2008

Rodrigo Vilaça has kindly pointed out to us that Ama­zon has listed three new Dark Knight related prod­ucts. Art of The Dark Knight and two edi­tions of the Hans Zim­mer soundtrack:

Art of the Dark Knight (with com­plete script!)

Art of The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight Soundtrack

Dark Knight Soundtrack

Dark Knight Sound­track Spe­cial Edition

Dark Knight Soundtrack - Limited Edition

The Dark Knight Soundtrack May 29th, 2008

The release date for the sound­track has been announced. It will be released on July 15th. More infor­ma­tion can be found here.

Warner Bros. Records will release four dif­fer­ent con­fig­u­ra­tions of The Dark Knight sound­track: a stan­dard jewel case CD, a 2 LP set of heavy-weight 180 gram vinyl ver­sion, a spe­cial edi­tion digi­pack, and a collector’s edi­tion with spe­cial art­work to come after release.

Hershey’s Launches Dark Knight Website May 21st, 2008

Hershey’s has launched its web­site for its Bat­man themed can­dies. The site includes infor­ma­tion on their sweep­stakes (the grand prize being a Dark Knight motor­cy­cle), and a new con­test, Revenge Videos. There is also a media sec­tion with the trail­ers we’ve already seen.

Dark Knight busts from Hot Toys May 10th, 2008

Zdravko wrote in to tell us that Hot Toys have some new intri­cately designed Dark Knight busts:

Joker Bust

Joker Bust Closeup

Batman and Joker busts from Hot Toys

Heath Ledger Joker Action Figures sell out May 7th, 2008

WENN are report­ing that within min­utes of going on sale, Mattel’s Joker action fig­ure has sold out:

Bat­man fans have cleaned out New York toy stores’ entire sup­ply of Heath Ledger’s Joker action fig­ure, within min­utes of them going on sale.

Devo­tees of the comic book series lined up early to clear shelves of the $9.99 toy.

Ebay is rid­dled with these fig­ures sell­ing for much more than their retail price, up to $55 each.

Joker Action Figure

Via /Film

New Dark Knight Trailer Debuts, Comic Con April 20th, 2008

The long rumored, new Dark Knight trailer was aired at the New York Comic-con yes­ter­day, and it is expected to arrive at your local the­ater in the next cou­ple of weeks — when the inter­net gets it is anyone’s guess, though I imag­ine we’ll get a grainy boot­leg shortly before a high-definition download-able version.

MTV have pro­vided a trust­wor­thy descrip­tion of the trailer if you can’t take the wait,

— After a breath­tak­ing shot of Bat­man perched high above Gotham, a voiceover from Heath Ledger’s Joker asks “Where do we begin?” Bat­man glides through the city.

- “Kill the Bat­man,” the Joker states to an adjoined meet­ing of mob bosses, before an explo­sion is shown and the sub­se­quent show­ing of a Joker card. This seem­ingly gels with the sus­pi­cion that the Joker is con­trol­ling the mob through ran­som (after rob­bing the mob-run bank in the IMAX preview).

- After sev­eral shots of Har­vey Dent in Dis­trict Attor­ney mode, we finally get every­one together as the Joker invades a fancy bash with Bruce Wayne (Chris­t­ian Bale), Alfred (Michael Caine), Har­vey Dent (Aaron Eck­hart) and Rachel Dawes (Mag­gie Gyl­len­haal). Sadly, the scene wasn’t topped off by the Pen­guin crash­ing through the floor on a giant duck.

- “The dawn is com­ing” says Dent in a voiceover.

- The Joker mut­ters “Here we go” before walk­ing down a city street blow­ing stuff up in one par­tic­u­larly awe­some scene.

- In one of the most fore­bod­ing moments of the trailer, Dent emphat­i­cally states “You either die a hero or you live long enough to see your­self become the vil­lain.” Har­vey Dent, of course, back­wardly ref­er­enc­ing his future trans­for­ma­tion into super-villain “Two-Face.”

- Our eyes may have been play­ing tricks on us, but it cer­tainly looked like the Joker drops Dawes at some point. The length of said drop is uncertain.

IGN have also been there, tak­ing pic­tures, with some spec­tac­u­lar Bat­man and Joker figures:

And Wash­ing­ton Square News got the low down on The Dark Knight Scare­crow action figure:

Scarecrow Action Figure in Box

Close up of Scarecrow Action Figure

Dark Knight Viral Package on Ebay, $1000 April 9th, 2008

I have just been con­tacted by Brian, a lucky par­tic­i­pant of the bowl­ing ball mar­ket­ing cam­paign — though his cir­cum­stances have taken a turn for the worse and he now wishes to sell his beloved prize.

Sorry to propo­si­tion you like this but you were a big pro­po­nent of me being the first to grab the DARK KNIGHT April 1st Viral cam­paign pack­age and I just was won­der­ing if you could send a post for me.

The end of last week I had ter­ri­ble fam­ily emer­gency and we’re going to need all the help we can get money wise. So I decided to Ebay my Dark Knight pack­age. I saw the last one go for $11,520 and if we could get any­where close to that, it’d be an amaz­ing help to my fam­ily. It’s always hard giv­ing out mem­o­ri­bilia that you win, but I know there were a ton of peo­ple inter­ested if there’s just one who has the money to spend it’d change lives. So please, think about it post­ing, if not there’s no hard feel­ings. I left the ebay page as my web­site. Thanks, again.

The Ebay Auction

This is the text from the ebay listing:

On April Fool’s we all watched as one by one the loca­tions were stamped! This is an offi­cial Dark Knight Viral Bowl­ing Pack­age. This was taken from Glen­dale NY at exactly 11:27 April 1st, 2008. It’s an amaz­ing pack­age and I’m being torn asun­der by friends and loved ones to Ebay this awe­some movie tie-in.

The Full Contents

Brown Bowl­ing Bag (in which all the con­tents were found within)

Green and Pur­ple Bowl­ing Ball — Now, the ball holes are large for a good sized hand, I was expect­ing some throw away kids ball or even a fake bowl­ing ball, but this is the real deal. Not only is it a great ball, but it is cus­tomized with your “clown thug” name and the phone num­ber you were sup­posed to call when you picked up the package.

Evi­dence Bag — Another touch of genius the rest of the good­ies were wrapped in an evi­dence bag sealed, no joker face paint though…

Cell Phone — It’s a pretty nice Nokia that has been pre­paid and was used to report you’d received the ball.

Note — From the head clown himself…

Joker Card — This really is the jewel in the crown if you will, these joker cards are beau­ti­ful and creepy at the same time. I’m pretty sure everyone’s get­ting a dif­fer­ent one but mine has an anti­quated feel that just makes it perfect.

PLEASE, bid respon­si­bly. I’m only let­ting this go because of some bad breaks and the price tag reflects me not want­ing to part with the pack­age, I will be happy to keep this, but I know there are those of you who want it more than me, some of you might even deserve it more.

Good luck, and I’ll see you all July 18th…

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