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Citizens for Batman — July 8th event July 9th, 2008

Last night was the end of the CFB count­down, as two live video feeds were posted to the Cit­i­zens for Bat­man web­site and crowds gath­ered at the two loca­tions in New York and Chicago. Fans that turned up for the event received Gotham Times news­pa­pers and a col­lec­tion of CFB good­ies, includ­ing T-shirts.

Par­tic­i­pants were given Domino’s pizza boxes that con­tained code words and clues to a locked box in a secret loca­tion. At this box more clues were uncov­ered, lead­ing to a 2-way radio, with which direc­tions were given to a spe­cific spot for the per­fect view of The Dark Knight bat sig­nal, pro­jected onto the Wool­worth build­ing and Sears tower.



/Film have also posted their report, relay­ing some off the bad feel­ings and hin­drances that sur­rounded the poorly exe­cuted Chicago event.

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Keith July 9th, 2008

Peo­ple got atop of build­ings to see it?

NYC was almost a dis­as­ter no one knew what to do; we were lucky to see the Sym­bol and then they didn’t bother to tell us it was over.

Princes­sEV July 9th, 2008

Seems like a giant waste of time to me…I mean free stuff is great but dif­fer­ent sites say there was a lot of con­fu­sion, and it just didnt sound like fun.

Brian Dog July 10th, 2008

We opened a CITIZEN FOR BATMAN — ital­ian ver­sion @ http://​cit​ta​diniper​bat​man​.word​press​.com … VISIT US!

Tim July 10th, 2008

I wish I could’ve been there. I got the CFB pack­age last week and was ready to show my sup­port for the ol’ Bat but sadly, I live no where near Chicogo or NY :(

Tony July 12th, 2008

Yes, it was con­fus­ing at the New York Event and indeed it was fus­trat­ing not know­ing what to expect BUT when it was all over; that is, when­ever you fig­ured out it was over… and you were on your way home, you had to admit that all said and done, it WAS excit­ing and mys­te­ri­ous and “dark”. Check my video mon­tage of the event and how it all went down… http://​youtube​.com/​w​a​t​c​h​?​v​=​b​N​U​K​b​t​4​w​zg4