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The end of the Chicago shoot September 2nd, 2007

… and there is no bet­ter way to mark it than with a dented, busted up Lam­borgh­ini. A Mur­cielago (which trans­lates to Bat) to be precise.

Pic­tures thanks to rory_bat; he is now head­ing back to the East Coast, whilst Batman’s film­ing sched­ule takes them to Eng­land. Film­ing is set to con­tinue until November.

Want to know how that car ended up in the mess it did?

Here is the best, not really spoiler-ish, report from boat­man:

The scene I saw yes­ter­day (Fri­day, 8/31) had the Lambo dri­ving side by side with the GPD SUV on that photo above. At Illi­nois St. (in front of Gene and Geor­getti restau­rant) a pickup truck comes across the inter­sec­tion and hits one of them. The Lambo and SUV are going north on Franklin, and the pickup truck comes at a right angle from the cross street (Illi­nois). It took a cou­ple hours to set it up, and they did about 4 or 5 prac­tice runs. We had good views of the prac­tice runs, and it looked like they were work­ing on tim­ing. The SUV was at the far side of the inter­sec­tion, with the Lambo pass­ing on the right. The pickup truck heads right at the Lambo, but it seemed like they were try­ing to time it so that it just misses the rear of the Lambo and then hits the SUV instead. Either that, or try­ing for a Lambo sand­wich. How­ever, when they did the final real take, a crowd of crew and PA’s got in front of us (where they had told us to move away from, “because we’d be in the scene”) and although we heard the crash, we couldn’t see exactly what hit what! The GPD fire truck (actual a CFD fire truck with CFD per­son­nel) then pulled over there in case they were needed, but it totally blocked the view of the inter­sec­tion so we couldn’t see the wreck that resulted.

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wannabebat­girl September 2nd, 2007

I was an extra on the set 8/31 and 9/1 and you are cor­rect inso­much as the Lamb gets sand­wiched. The lovely Lamb has to stop the police con­voy and so sac­ri­fices itself at the inter­sec­tion when the truck shows up, and blammo! Bye-bye Lamb. (For­tu­nately, Lam­bourgh­ini donated FOUR of them to the movie.) It was really a great smash.

smart aleck September 6th, 2007

Are you sure that’s not Lance Briggs’ car?