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5 New Dark Knight Posters, possibly fake April 28th, 2008

Omelette have the exclu­sive on five brand new Dark Knight posters, one of these is in the same vein as the offi­cially released poster which came through Why So Seri­ous, the oth­ers are in a com­pletely new style — and I believe, almost cer­tainly faked — their min­i­mal­ist lay­out which con­tains pre­vi­ously seen imagery that also strays away from the tra­di­tional Dark Knight font-set and lay­out are the clues. They are still sul­try and impres­sive however.

New Joker Dark Knight Poster

New Dark Knight Poster - Batman

Harvey Dent Dark Knight Poster

This final adap­ta­tion is almost cer­tainly a fake — reusing a Joker image seen in a pre­vi­ous poster with some poorly ren­dered burn­ing Joker card, via Film School Rejects. Though once again, I am post­ing it because it is a nice concept.

It’s all part of the plan — New Dark Knight Poster! April 24th, 2008

Oper­a­tion Slip­knot has completed:


Oper­a­tion Slip­knot is com­plete. Even though three sus­pects remain at large, your work rep­re­sents a huge step for­ward in clean­ing up our beloved city.

The fugi­tives are being arrested, hand­cuffed, and extra­dited back to Gotham for prosecution.

Doesn’t it feel bet­ter to be on the right side of the law for once?

Thanks to you, Gotham can hold its head high once again. But do me one favor… stay out of trouble.


Click­ing each of the sus­pects shows how they were caught. Shortly after the com­ple­tion (despite three missed sus­pects), par­tic­i­pants received a phone call from Jim Gor­don (DOWNLOAD).

humanresources@whysoserious then sent out a text to the mobiles in the pack­ages received — point­ing us towards a new Why So Seri­ous Page: “It’s All Part of the Plan”.

There’s a four day count­down and a lever in the top right — click­ing the lever reveals a brand new Dark Knight Poster: “Wel­come to a world with­out rules” (Down­load Super Hi Res­o­lu­tion Image)

Sam­ple of the high res­o­lu­tion poster:
High Resolution Dark Knight Poster Sample

New Christian Bale pictures as Batman January 30th, 2008

And so the Dark Knight news con­tin­ues in absence of Heath Ledger, that melan­choly feel­ing con­tin­ues to linger. It is going to be a lit­tle weird in these next few months, as pro­mo­tion gears up again and we get more viral mar­ket­ing cam­paigns — prob­a­bly with the same Joker stance.

Com­ing Soon have posted three new shots of Bat­man in an assort­ment of poses:

Batman on police car

A pos­si­ble new poster here, looks a lit­tle green and fake but that may just be the qual­ity of the image itself. I pre­fer the other posters that we have seen.

Bruce Wayne aside the new Bat-suit (every­thing always has to be new and improved!)

Two Awesome Joker Posters December 14th, 2007

Well, today is a day for fab­u­lous Dark Knight imagery, and here we have two more posters for you to wrap your­self around. The first comes in the same vein as the Inter­na­tional Dark Knight Teaser Poster fea­tur­ing Bat­man, though this time we have a great, and incred­i­bly teas­ing, shot of The Joker. The sec­ond poster shows us The Joker’s gnarly grin through a steamed up panel embla­zoned with the words “Why So Seri­ous?”, we’ll be look­ing out for a high res­o­lu­tion ver­sion of this in the next few days.

These pic­tures have come via Judao and Allocine.

Buy the Joker Teaser Posters (~$26.99 each at the moment)

Dark Knight - Joker Teaser Poster

Dark KNight - Joker Teaser Poster

Alternative View of the Joker Poster

New International Dark Knight Teaser Poster December 14th, 2007

Just take a look at this stun­ning new Dark Knight poster, fea­tur­ing bat­man stand­ing in front of an open win­dow (Wayne Tower?), with an awe inspir­ing but dark view of Gotham City. Beau­ti­ful. Click the image for a high res­o­lu­tion version.

Via Omelette

High Resolution Dark Knight Poster and Joker December 5th, 2007

We all like to see high res­o­lu­tion pic­tures, today I have two of them for you. The first is a whop­ping 300dpi 100mb ver­sion of the teaser poster. To illus­trate the detail of a pic­ture like this, here’s a fully sized extract:

Dark Knight Poster High Resolution Preview

The more astute will have noticed a link to this file on Why So Seri­ous. It appears to the bot­tom right of the nor­mal sized picture:

Down­load 100mb poster image


(beware, 100mb down­load may take a while!)
If this link suf­fers under the traf­fic, etc, here is a handy mir­ror site: Alter­nate Download

Next up we have the medium-to-high res­o­lu­tion ver­sion of that Empire mag­a­zine cover thanks to David:

High Resolution Preview

Down­load (only 420kb this time)

Dark Knight Teaser Poster Released December 4th, 2007

Batman The Dark Knight Teaser Poster

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