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Dark Knight 2 disc special edition soundtrack November 7th, 2008

A 2 CD spe­cial edi­tion of the Hans Zim­mer and James New­ton Howard sound­track fea­tur­ing bonus remixes and new tracks will be released on Decem­ber 9th.

From the press release,

‘The Dark Knight: Orig­i­nal Motion Pic­ture Sound­track’ returns with the ASCAP-winning com­posers from Bat­man Begins– Hans Zim­mer and James New­ton Howard for a pow­er­ful orches­tral score. The Spe­cial Edi­tion fea­tures the com­plete score on two CD’s plus four bonus remix tracks; it also con­tains an 8x8x40 page hard­bound book.

Disc: 1
1. Why So Seri­ous?
2. I’m Not A Hero
3. Har­vey Two-Face
4. Aggres­sive Expan­sion
5. Always A Catch
6. Blood On My Hands
7. A Lit­tle Push
8. Like A Dog Chas­ing Cars
9. I Am The Bat­man
10. And I Thought My Jokes Were Bad
11. Agent Of Chaos
12. Intro­duce A Lit­tle Anar­chy
13. Watch The World Burn
14. A Dark Knight

Disc: 2
1. Bank Rob­bery (Pro­logue)
2. Buyer Beware
3. Halfway To Hong Kong
4. Decent Men In An Inde­cent Time
5. You’re Gonna Love Me
6. Chance
7. You Com­plete Me
8. The Fer­ries
9. We Are Tonight’s Enter­tain­ment
10. A Watch­ful Guardian
11. Why So Serious?(The Crys­tal Method Remix)
12. Poor Choice Of Words(Paul van Dyk Remix)
13. Gun­pow­der And Gasoline(Remix by Mel Wes­son)
14. Rory’s First Kiss(Remix by Rye­land Allison)

Buy the Dark Knight 2 Disc Spe­cial Edi­tion Sound­track from Ama­zon | Offi­cial Score Website

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OYD November 11th, 2008

what a waste of money. the 1-disc sound­track is already sweet. as much as I love TDK, I don’t think I could lis­ten to 2 hours of ran­dom pul­sa­tions and rythm. Bat­man music is really cool for about 25 min­utes, and then it starts to get old.

OYD November 18th, 2008


James Gilks February 5th, 2009

This is James Gilks (owner of Seri​alKiller​Cal​en​dar​.com) per­son­ally I would love it if they took the idea of the Rid­dler to a very dark extreme. His char­ac­ter is very close to real life ser­ial killers like David Berkowitz (the son of sam) and the Zodiac Killer. Many ser­ial killers (includ­ing Jack The Rip­per and The Red Spi­der) have sent let­ters to the police and the Zodiac killer sent cryp­tograms (which where in essence a type of rid­dle). I think that if Hol­ly­wood is will­ing to take these films to the gritty dark side of real life, they should focus more on this angel and aban­don the tacky jump suit wear­ing, car­toon aspect that Jim Carey brought to the screen. I would love to see a down right evil and twisted ser­ial killer side to the Riddler.

I also believe that they are set­ting up The Mad Hat­ter for a future movie. If you watch care­fully, Bat­man says that the man Dent is inter­ro­gat­ing in The Dark Knight (the creepy smil­ing guy from the ambu­lance) is named “Jervis Tetch”. This is The Mad Hatter.

Lastly, I would love to see all these films come together in to a plot that involves Arkham Asy­lum. There have been many amaz­ing graphic nov­els that focus on this (espe­cially “A Seri­ous Place on Seri­ous Earth”). This would be a per­fect oppor­tu­nity for the writ­ers to place Bat­man against not only a huge cast of badies but also against his own trou­bled mind.)

Well, thats just the opin­ion of some­one who runs a com­pany devoted to sell­ing ser­ial killer mer­chan­dise so you can take it or leave it. I hope you can all stop by Seri​alKiller​Cal​en​dar​.com to pick up some mor­bid merch (includ­ing the new Ser­ial Killer Mag­a­zine, Ser­ial Killer Trad­ing Cards and Ser­ial Killer Action Fig­ures. I know, its a shame­less dis­play of self pro­mo­tion but really, I have to jus­tify read­ing up on Bat­man Movies while I am sup­posed to be work­ing somehow.

James Gilks
Owner of Seri​alKiller​Cal​en​dar​.com and Edi­tor of Ser­ial Killer Magazine.

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What music was played in the final fight between Bat­man and Joker in Dark Knight? July 31st, 2010

[…] The Dark Knight – Dark Knight 2 disc spe­cial edi­tion soundtrack […]

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