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Conference Cancelled, Hostage Episode Ensues April 13th, 2008

From the Har­vey Dent website,

Today’s press con­fer­ence was unex­pect­edly can­celled due to a hostage cri­sis located at a nearby deli. In a self­less move, Mr. Dent entered the premises, exchanged him­self for a woman who was being held at gun­point, and nego­ti­ated the suc­cess­ful release of the remain­ing patrons in the restau­rant. Watch this site for updates. We will release more details when they become available.

Down­load the MP3 Audio of the situation

The hostage sit­u­a­tion was insti­gated by des­per­ate cop, Frank Notaro, he takes a woman hostage before request­ing wit­ness pro­tec­tion for him and his fam­ily. Har­vey Dent exchanges him­self for the woman before Notaro is arrested.

This all took place at Rossi’s Deli — Notaro’s mad­ness was tripped in the event of see­ing his part­ners (Cis­neros) death in a car explo­sion, also killing his entire fam­ily — all whilst leav­ing a mes­sage on Rossi’s answer phone. Down­load the voice­mail mes­sage and lis­ten to the scene

For some back story on Frank Notaro I rec­om­mend read­ing our cov­er­age.

Glenn Barhyte’s email, acces­si­ble through the secu­rity pages at Gotham Police, has two new mes­sages from Frank:

Deal’s Off
I saw it. With my own eyes. Best part­ner I ever had. Dead. What the hell’s going on?

Thank’s For Nothin
Looks like you’re out hav­ing break­fast or some­thing. I knew I couldn’t trust IA to keep my fam­ily safe. I’m going to Rossi’s Deli to take care of Con­do­loro myself, don’t try to stop me.