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Screen Actor’s Guild nominate Heath Ledger December 20th, 2008

The nom­i­na­tions for the 15th Annual Screen Actors Guild have been announced, with Heath Ledger in the run­ning for best male actor in a sup­port­ing role. The cer­e­mony will take place on Sun­day, Jan 25th, with a simul­cast Live on TNT and TBS at 8 PM ET/PT.

Out­stand­ing Per­for­mance by a Male Actor in a Sup­port­ing Role
JOSH BROLIN / Dan White — “MILK” (Focus Fea­tures)
ROBERT DOWNEY, JR. / Kirk Lazarus — “TROPIC THUNDER” (Para­mount Pic­tures)
PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN / Father Bren­dan Flynn — “DOUBT” (Mira­max Films)
HEATH LEDGER / Joker — “THE DARK KNIGHT” (Warner Bros. Pic­tures)
DEV PATEL / Older Jamal — “SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE” (Fox Search­light Pictures)

Out­stand­ing Per­for­mance by a Stunt Ensem­ble in a Motion Pic­ture
THE DARK KNIGHT (Warner Bros. Pic­tures)
HELLBOY II: THE GOLDEN ARMY (Uni­ver­sal Pic­tures)
IRON MAN (Para­mount Pic­tures)
WANTED (Uni­ver­sal Pic­tures)

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nina January 14th, 2009

Dear Screen Actor’s Guild,
Please do not nom­i­nate this hor­rific movie for any awards! The nigh­mar­ish scenes were not believ­able, the gore was too much for night­mares, and the good actors all got killed for no rea­son. Gore for gore’s sake is not a rea­son to make a film! Bat­man has higher stan­dards then this film could muster! I will aban­don see­ing films if this is the best you can do! There are no redeam­ing val­ues to this movie! The best scene was when the ferry boat peo­ple threw away the det­o­na­tors and did not blow each other up.…other then that, there was non-stop stu­pid vio­lence = more vio­lence in our world!!!!! If you show VIOLENCE, then you will be SOWING THE SEEDS FOR MORE VIOLENCE! STOP SOWING THE SEEDS FOR VIOLENCE AND YOU WILL SEE RESULTS!!!!!!!!YOU ARE GETTING WHAT YOU SOW-STOP IT!!!!!!!!!

Kel­lie Steinback May 10th, 2010

Robert Downey JR is such a stud. The movie Iron Man 2 is so great. I really can’t get enough of him!