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Viral kicks up, Joker text messages June 11th, 2008

The Joker has sent out this mes­sage to all the active cell phones:

OK clowns, are you ready for some laughs (y/n)?
You put a smile on my face. Hope you’re not superstitious

Super­sti­tion relates to the day — Fri­day 13th June. We already know that’s when “Gotham Tonight” will pre­mier, maybe The Joker has some­thing in store for them?

Other Viral Updates

A new email from Har­vey Dent:

It’s been an incred­i­ble last few weeks. Ever since the vicious smear cam­paign col­lapsed and Har­vey Dent’s remark­able courage at the hostage cri­sis at Rossi’s Deli, our cam­paign has rid­den a wave of sup­port I have never seen in all my polit­i­cal life.

Our Head­quar­ters reopened and thou­sands of vol­un­teers show up here every day, every night, fight­ing for change. Fundrais­ing has reached incred­i­ble heights, with over 100,000 Gotham cit­i­zens con­tribut­ing their hard-earned money in sup­port of Har­vey Dent’s vow to take back Gotham.

We’ve expanded our reach, open­ing branches in neigh­bor­hoods that haven’t seen polit­i­cal cam­paigns take them seri­ously for decades. And we’ve har­nessed the incred­i­ble grass­roots sup­port by send­ing vol­un­teers to knock on doors through­out the city. Amaz­ingly, we will achieve our two mil­lionth door knock some­time in between now and Elec­tion Day.

Har­vey Dent has com­mit­ted him­self to lead the charge to take back our city, face down the crim­i­nal and cor­rupt and restore hope for our future.

Now, we need your help. We need to get out the vote!. And we need you to vote your­self. If you can’t make it to the polls, go to http://​www​.gotham​elec​tion​board​.com and find out how you can vote online. Work­ing together, we will take back Gotham!

Allan Cypes Media Manager

Maiden Avenue Report
— Shuts Down, writer sells out

Gotham City Rail:

Gotham City Rail Announces Satel­lite Track­ing and Com­mu­ni­ca­tions System

To bet­ter serve our cus­tomers, GCR has com­pleted its tran­si­tion to a satel­lite track­ing and com­mu­ni­ca­tions sys­tem (STCS). Using cut­ting edge ultra high fre­quency tech­nol­ogy, STCS will give GCR the real-time abil­ity to track exact posi­tion­ing of all its trains. This will allow for more accu­rate sched­ul­ing and should increase GCR’s already impres­sive safety record.

Cit­i­zens for Bat­man — Intro­duc­tion updated:

For the first time, we have hope. Bat­man proves we can fight back against the sociopaths, thugs, and scum that have ruled Gotham for too long.
And now, City Hall wants to arrest Batman!

Gotham Police — Annual Policeman’s Ball
Gotham USD — News area updated
Inter­nal Affairs of Gotham Police Depart­ment — Inter­nal Affairs Offi­cers of the Month added
Trust Garcetti — Updates with info about elec­tion
Dana Wor­thing­ton — “Yes for Batman”

And of course you can still vote in the elec­tions.

Thanks Pierre!