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Filming Location Report Part Deux July 25th, 2007

Tony came back to tell us this lit­tle bit of juicy gos­sip (beware, spoil­ers ahead):

Was walk­ing around today on Randolph/Washington and saw a brand new, Black Corvette Z06 parked with all of the trail­ers. On the dash­board there was a yel­low sign that said some­thing to the effect of “This car is to be used in film­ing. City of Chicago..blah, blah, blah.” I’ve heard that a new Lam­borgh­ini is sup­posed to be in the film but am curi­ous about the use of the Z06.

I also ran into some “secu­rity guards” when I was check­ing out the Bat­mo­biles and they told me that they filmed a scene the other night where The Joker jumped off of a building!

And today he sent this infor­ma­tion in:

On my way in to work this morn­ing I noticed “No Park­ing signs 7/26–7/30 for Film­ing” all over LaSalle, par­tic­u­larly head­ing South towards the CBOT. Also heard that a very explo­sive scene will be filmed Thurs­day night on Wells & Wacker.

X-Realms have also posted this film­ing report from El Eshoo:

The crew was set­ting up at a place where every­one can look down from the street above and just gawk. Lots of peo­ple in SWAT gear and what looked like Joker hench­men (assum­ing since they were in long black hooded robes and their faces sort of looked in makeup).

In this area were SWAT vehi­cles, Cop SUV’s, the Joker Semi (with bul­let holed wind­shield). A lot of crew peo­ple were wan­der­ing around get­ting ready for tonight’s shoot. Nolan was on hand to chat with crew and actors. Just then, from up the road, Gary Old­man comes run­ning up to the mid­dle where Nolan is stand­ing, stops with a hop, throws his arms out jok­ingly as if to say “Tah-Dah … I’m Here!” It was kinda goofy but funny.

Old­man (com­plete with that cheesy mus­tache) was putting on SWAT gear as well. So, I’m guess­ing he might be involved with the Joker/Semi chase. There was a SWAT Truck rigged with a cam­era in the pas­sen­ger win­dow and the SWAT truck was hitched behind a camera/main truck (where Nolan and com­pany can sit and direct. Just then, the Secu­rity told us to scoot since they were about to film.

I then decided to walk to Mon­roe St (on Upper Wacker, where rumored film­ing was to occur) to see what was up. There were peo­ple with Walkie-talkies about and fig­ured this was the spot. That’s when the rigged SWAT truck and some Gotham Police escort came down the road from the area we were just at. Basi­cally, what they did was did repeat street runs of the SWAT Truck and Police cars dri­ving from Upper Wacker to Lower Wacker via the ramp that heads down there. They did this over and over … noth­ing excit­ing. I guess this is what they meant by the “street level” film­ing that was to occur that night.

I headed back to the River (to view Lower Wacker stuff) to se what was up there. Saw some Tum­blers (2 were uncov­ered) down below but never saw them in action all night. Walked to where I’d seen the Bat­pods nights before. There were 3 of them (2 uncov­ered and 1 cov­ered). Never saw the Bat­pod in action either. In fact, when I returned later, all 3 were cov­ered. I didn’t stay all night so per­haps there were scenes shot in the wee morn­ing hours.

They did shoot some scenes on Lower Wacker with the Joker Semi and the SWAT Truck rid­ing along side (on other side of median) giv­ing chase. There were loud explo­sion sounds as they went by but it was dif­fi­cult to see exactly what they were from since there wasn’t any fire or bright light or smoke or any­thing. Also, pop­ping noises (gun fire) were heard, too.

Later on, they just made passes on Lower Wacker with only the SWAT Truck and some GPD cars. Noth­ing too crazy. For most of the night, I played good Samar­i­tan to peo­ple by telling them where to gawk at the Bat­mo­bile. I’m nice like that.

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