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The Daily News July 1st, 2007

Noth­ing really major to read about today, here are the links of interest:

Extra71807 has pro­vided Super­Hero­Hype with a spoiler filled set report:

I was an extra on the set of The Dark Knight on Wednes­day the 27th. I was cast as an evac­uee and we shot our first scene down­town around 9:30am as if evac­u­at­ing Gotham City. We then returned to Navy Pier where we shot a scene with us evac­uees board­ing two large ships with tons of green screens around! We were told the green screens would be used to “build” the rest of the ships and to add in explo­sions cause by The Joker.

The Daily POP has some can­did Bat­man footage.

A new inter­view with Chris­t­ian Bale

“The script leaves room for a very inter­est­ing follow-up, too,” Bale says of the poten­tial for a third film. “I think we could take it some­where else.”

Some dif­fer­ent on set shots of Chris­t­ian Bale — this time read­ing a Newspaper.

Here is a spec­tac­u­lar shot from the Wabash Bridge film­ing via Flickr.

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dai­ly­pop July 2nd, 2007

Thanks for the referral!

I have a few other Bat­man related posts and mus­ings that you might like.

I’ve got my fin­gers crossed that Dark Knight is as good as Bat­man Begins!