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Tales of the Infamous Joker August 9th, 2007

First up, we have some words from Paul Bir­chard (via indieWire). Non-too reveal­ing, they give us another fas­ci­nat­ing insight into Heath Ledger’s por­trayal of this famous character:

As regards to how Heath Ledger *seemed* as the Joker, he seemed like he WAS the Joker, and didn’t need to let any­one know it — rather con­tained, but ready to explode at any moment in an unex­pected fash­ion. Men­ac­ing, but more because he seemed like he was prob­a­bly crazy, and maybe vio­lent, rather than that he was TRYING to scare you. (and by the way, all he did dur­ing the scenes I was in was sit in his hold­ing cell, react­ing and listening…so, he’s a very fine actor if I imbibed all this from just watch­ing him sit there…) He didn’t talk a lot between takes, but he also wasn’t “Don’t approach me!” in his man­ner — a real pro, in other words.

In short, he seemed just like the Joker SHOULD seem.

Before more Joker — I am going to slip in this lit­tle link, be an Extra on The Dark Knight. And here is an RFK cast­ing call. (links via our friends at Bat­MovieNews)

Spoil­ers after the jump.

Slash Film has an exclu­sive scoop; spoil­ers about the scene involv­ing The Joker and Rachel — as seen in that well dis­trib­uted pro­mo­tional pic­ture. Beware — these are sto­ry­line affect­ing unearthings. Read only if you must. How reli­able these reports are is another issue — the source him­self is not accred­ited as reli­able.

  • When The Joker (Heath Ledger) kid­naps Rachael Dawes (Mag­gie Gyl­len­haal) from a big party, Dawes is forced to reveal Batman’s true iden­tity, Bruce Wayne. Later, how­ever, The Joker becomes con­vinced that Dawes lied to him when he encoun­ters both Bruce Wayne and Bat­man in the same room together simul­ta­ne­ously. I have no idea how Bruce pulls this off. I would assume that if a Bat­man impos­tor exists, Joker would likely be in on that joke. This causes Joker to think that Bruce Wayne is NOT Bat­man and that Rachel, in fact, lied to him… His accu­sa­tion of her decep­tion doesn’t end well.
  • Appar­ently there is an impos­tor pos­ing as Bat­man who is run­ning around Gotham City. The cops believe he is the real Bat­man and that he is on their side. How this plays into the big story is unknown. I know that this may seem very unlikely and improb­a­ble, but my source has not been wrong yet.

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nick August 9th, 2007

Maybe thats anthony michael hall’s role?

Kun­deremp An-Narkolepsi August 10th, 2007

since I saw the pic­ture.. and remem­ber that there are no DA, named Rachel Dawes in the comics, I’ve got feel­ing there will be some­thing bad to her which may lead to Har­vey Dent cam­paign as DA.

Hope­fully, I’m wrong…
– a bat­man fans from Indonesia

RDHose August 10th, 2007

Inter­est­ing spoiler post. Won­der­ing if this is the roll that Hall is playing????

Ray smal­ley March 21st, 2008

As a loyal bat­fan i need to say that we need a chem­i­cal bath oh and get ready for two/face with dent in the movie