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Reviews Round-up the third July 19th, 2008

More and more crit­ics are pour­ing on the praise, and wo’ betide us not to report them!

AICN’s Harry:

I’m late weigh­ing in on this here DARK KNIGHT pic­ture show dealio. The film is, in fact, superb in every way. A vast improve­ment on BATMAN BEGINS – amaz­ing what hap­pens when you no longer have to deal with an ori­gin story and sat­is­fy­ing only the mer­chan­diz­ing inter­ests of the par­ent cor­po­ra­tion. Instead, Nolan has decided to treat Bat­man as only the best Comic Writ­ers have dared to. Adult, scary and frightening.

AICN’s Capone:

Here’s the thing you must under­stand: even if you’ve dug up every pos­si­ble trailer and clip of Heath Ledger as the great­est screen vil­lain in any super­hero movie ever, you really don’t have any idea how good his per­for­mance is in The Dark Knight. The true strength of his Joker isn’t his gal­lows humor one-liners or smart-ass quips he deliv­ers as he tears apart what is left of the fab­ric of Gotham City (look­ing more like its film­ing loca­tion of Chicago this time out than the juiced-up ver­sion in Bat­man Begins). The true strength of the final com­plete per­for­mance of Ledger’s life lies in his much longer monologues.

AICN’s Mr Beaks:

Christo­pher Nolan’s THE DARK KNIGHT is the Bat­man movie I wanted in 1989: a sav­agely down­beat epic that views Gotham City as a dis­in­te­grat­ing, crime-choked micro­cosm of the United States. It’s a film about the impos­si­bil­ity of jus­tice in Amer­i­can life and the vicious­ness to which we’ll suc­cumb in order to see another day; a cheer­less sum­mer block­buster that ulti­mately exhibits just enough faith in human­ity to keep from descend­ing into utter mis­an­thropy. It is a movie that enthralls one moment and pun­ishes the next, lash­ing the audi­ence for giv­ing in to its IMAX-abetted exhil­a­ra­tion when the abyss is beck­on­ing. It is, in other words, as hope­lessly con­flicted as its hero — and Bat­man fans shouldn’t want it any other way.

Cinematical’s Scott Weinberg:

Some­times some folks just get it right. Bryan Singer was right for X-Men, Sam Raimi was right for Spider-Man, and dear lord is Christo­pher Nolan right for Bat­man. Maybe not the campy old Bat­man that the nos­tal­gia fans know and love, but if the char­ac­ter had any clear path to fol­low after the dis­as­ter of Bat­man & Robin and the renais­sance of Frank Miller, then this is where he should be: Anchor­ing a smart, dark, dar­ing, and very intel­li­gent movie that cel­e­brates most of why we love the damn Bat in the first place: He’s hurt, he’s angry, he’s con­flicted, he’s kinda weird … aside from the money and the suit, he’s pretty much just like every­one else.

Film School Reject’s Kevin Carr:

The Dark Knight absolutely deliv­ers a riv­et­ing film with tons of action but not at the expense of plot or char­ac­ter. And it is a huge step up from Bat­man Begins.

Hol­ly­wood Chicago’s Adam Fendelman:

With only three short words com­pris­ing the film’s enig­matic title, “The Dark Knight” also boasts three epic claims to fame: the role of a life­time for the late Heath Ledger as the haunt­ingly deranged Joker, one of the best films of 2008 and one of the great­est super­hero films of all time.

Film School Reject’s Nathan Deen:

A heavy dose of Iron Man and The Incred­i­ble Hulk have made me feel bet­ter, but walk­ing out of The Dark Knight was noth­ing short of a breath of fresh air. My point is that other comic book movies just feel insignif­i­cant com­pared to this one. So finally, I think I can let go of my Spidey depres­sion and for­get about [Spider-man 3].

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kirk July 20th, 2008

I saw it twice. I couldn’t stop talk­ing about Heaths per­for­mance as the Joker. Absolutely remark­able. The best movie I’ve seen in years.

grirm July 21st, 2008

Mag­gie Gyl­len­haal, looks absolutely hor­ren­dous…
Should’ve stuck with other actress from Bat­man Begins; only down­fall of the movie.

destruct26 July 27th, 2008

Yeah, well– they tried to get Katie Holmes back to do it but she was doing another movie and didnt want to out­shine her delu­sional hus­band with a major block­buster movie. I didnt really mind Gyl­len­hal as Dawes, despite every­ones opin­ion on her looks. Hon­estly, she aint bad look­ing com­pared to some of the dis­as­ters out there. OH– didnt any­body real­ize that Ledger tech­ni­cally nailed TWO Gyl­len­hals?? heh heh heh heh.…