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Batman sequel due in 2011 January 26th, 2009

New Jersey’s Courier Post spoke to Bat­man Begins and The Dark Knight exec­u­tive pro­ducer Michael Uslan. He expects the third Chris Nolan Bat­man movie to make an appear­ance in 2011. This seems log­i­cal to us, fol­low­ing a sim­i­lar time frame as Begins to Knight — it gives the cre­ative team a chance to flesh out some ideas whilst allow­ing Nolan to have a break from the fran­chise for a year or so, per­haps to work on other projects (such as The Pres­tige).

Uslan will be onboard as exec­u­tive pro­ducer for the “Dark Knight” sequel, which he esti­mates will be [in] the­aters by 2011. As for the iden­tity of the next round of Batman’s supervil­lains and love inter­ests, Uslan remains tight-lipped. “It’s one of those deals where if I told you, I’d have to kill you,” he says with a chuckle.

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destruct26 January 29th, 2009

As the first to com­ment, this is great news com­pared to all the rumor­ous bull­shit that Goyer threw out the win­dow mon­thes ago. And it seems that as of late, and very slowly, real Warner Bros peo­ple are giv­ing legi­t­a­ment tid bits on whats been hap­pen­ing with the final chap­ter. I’m glad to hear that Nolan(s-?) is still on board and Warner Bros is giv­ing him time to think and write, before sign­ing on. GOOD!!! LEAVE HIM BE!!!! The last thing any die hard fan needs is to wake up and hear that he isnt direct­ing. I may DIE if that hap­pens. So far, so good!!! :D

Jun_Em January 30th, 2009

If we were to fol­low the same plan­ning time frame as ‘Begins’-to-‘Knight’, then I think it’s safe to say that an announce­ment for the next villain(s) and casting(s) will hap­pen at around June-July of this year.

christanbaleisan_@$$hole February 6th, 2009

omg i hope so!!!!!!! AHHH!

Wil­son E. June 16th, 2009

This is great news for sure. How­ever; I pray and hope that Christo­pher con­nects Dark night to the 3rd install­ment. I also hope a great, not ridicules actor is hired; and by all means no fuck­ing Robin…please do not intro­duce Robin char­ac­ter at all. They can reveal Bar­bara Gor­dan and sort of explain what hap­pen to her mother and brother that brought her to dawn the cape and cow. How­ever, please don’t bring Robin or the fol­low­ing stu­pid vil­lains. Mr. Freeze, Pen­guin, Croc, Toy man which leaves only Cat woman and the Rid­dler. I think with enough thought, this could be a great story that would com­pletely erase the Joel schomo­cer monstrosities.

ngar­ren June 28th, 2009

i would like to see rid­dler. count me as one of the crowd for that idea.
now who plays the rid­dler. johnny depp? i think that would be great. he could pos­si­bly touch ledger’s per­for­mance.
jim car­rey? why not? he did an amaz­ing job with a bad script and giv­ing him another go with a way bet­ter script might be great.
last but not least eddie izzard. he could do a fab­u­lous job.

Pink­Eye August 22nd, 2009

I read some­thing about Christo­pher Lloyd play­ing Pro­fes­sor Hugo Strange. I have never heard of this guy so I am guess­ing he wouldn’t be the main vil­lain. I am guess­ing it would be like the cameo by The Scare­crow in The Dark Night. But I can’t seem to find where I read that online.

Tony October 24th, 2009

Id like to see killer croc

Nick November 29th, 2009

I think he (nolan) should go ahead with his orig­i­nal script. if u look at a Joseph gor­don levitt, he looks sim­i­lar to ledger & was a friend of his. I Levitt can act half as good as ledger, go ahead with a mod­i­fied ver­sion of his orig­i­nal script. with lim­ited shot of the joker, and Edward Nigma as the vil­lian. With edward nigma as the brains, and Bane as the mus­cle. then throw in talia al gul as wild slash love interest.

the cast i would like to see;
The Joker: Joseph gor­don levitt
Edward Nigma: Ryan Reynolds– the rid­dler also used the venom.
Talia al Gul: Kate Beck­in­sale
Bane:Nathan Jones-Hercules O’Brien (Fear­less 2006)

Job December 23rd, 2009

They won’t do another one with the Joker in it. What actor in their right mind would want to try and fol­low Ledger’s per­for­mance in TDK? And it would just seem cheap and wrong.
They have to stay away from any­one with super­pow­ers. I think it’ll be inter­est­ing to see what they do.
Hey, maybe some of the all-star Bat­man writ­ers could get together and cre­ate a new vil­lain just for the movie. Who knows.

Richie Bro­ker December 25th, 2009

Alright, I want to see a state of the art Wayne Manor combo Bat­cave that lacks for noth­ing. Think about it. Here is one of the rich­est men in the world with access to advanced tech­nolo­gies. I want to be daz­zled and see things that only money and genious can access and buy. Fur­ther­more, Bruce Wayne should get up in the morn­ing and have to go through 10 strengh and sta­mina exer­cises before he evens hits the head or has a bite to eat. I can­not empha­size this enough. This guy has to be steel from head to foot. Show us his rou­tine and how he does that daily is a must. For that mat­ter, I want to see more gad­gets and giz­mos with­out the cheese if you please. Make it real! Lets really approach this in detail. Also, an enemy who is dying with noth­ing to lose and who has attrib­utes like speed, agility or immu­ni­ties would be inter­est­ing. He should not be hard to catch, just hard to keep caught. He would die at the end of the movie, but would cre­ate chal­lenges galore for the Bat­man. As for Robin, at some point, he has to make an appear­ance. His selec­tion, train­ing, and devo­tion would make a good sto­ry­line if done prop­erly. Then, hav­ing two crime fight­ers who are excep­tional and extra­or­di­nary would give birth to their coun­ter­parts in the world of vil­lany. Lets get this show on the road!

Raja January 3rd, 2010

There were reports stat­ing that Pen­guin & Rid­dler will be mak­ing their appear­ances in the next film, with Philip Sey­mour Hoff­man as the Pen­guin & either Johnny Depp or Eddie Mur­phy as the Rid­dler. At some point in time, even Cher was men­tioned to be play­ing Catwoman.

I dont like the idea of hav­ing multi vil­lains. Too many cooks spoil the broth. Just one vil­lain will do, a for­mi­da­ble oppo­nent to Bat­man. That should set the scene. And no Robin pls! He’ll kill the franchise.

The Night January 8th, 2010

Per­son­ally i think that they can’t replace joker with a char­ac­ter though i dont think they should cut him out of the movie. I think they could have him ( just a voice in arkam) as all hell breaks loose in gotham and have him sink into the shad­ows for the rest of the movie so they can think what to do with him but not com­plet­ley get rid of him. I do want to see the bat­cave again in this one as well as arkam in detail. I reckon that they should not have Robin in the movie as Bat­man is still in in his early days , and they cant bring robin in any­way as two face is sup­poas­edly dead and he caused robin to be an orphin. Nolan will not use poi­son ivy bane and mr freeze as they have actu­all super pow­ers (tough i would love to see nolans por­trayal of bane). I do how­ever like the idea of the vil­lain who is dying with noth­ing to loose and every­thing to gain but he/she would be a side vil­lain because they would have to have a famous well known vil­lain for the movie to be a suc­cess. I think the rid­dler is a sound choice but he could prove to sim­i­lar to the joker. As for cat­woman , NO. though she may be a good char­ac­ter i think they need some­one who is more mys­te­ri­ous and allud­ing and not already tainted by hal­ley bareys take. I think the rid­dler and either black mask or pen­guin (if done right) is a def­i­nite pos­si­bil­ity. Give nolan time and lit­tle pres­sure and he will surely make another masterpiece.

wario1980 January 22nd, 2010

i heard two face will be 1 of the main vil­lians in the next movie

Dr. Payne January 27th, 2010

Fol­low­ing is not offi­cial news, just my per­sonal thoughts

Robin will not be in this movie. Two-Face is dead, and he is the one (fol­low­ing the comics, as the fran­chise has so far)who causes robin to be an orphan and begin his inter­ac­tion with Bruce Wayne.

Poi­son Ivy will not be in this movie, because she is gifted with actual superpowers.

Dr. Freize is a pos­si­bil­ity because he does not have super­pow­ers, but a mechan­i­cal suit that acts as an envi­ron­ment in which he can live and manip­u­late ice.

The Rid­dler is a coin toss at best, I’ve always thought of him as being too sim­i­lar to the Joker. Played well, per­haps by –Michael C. Hall– he could be a good fit.

The Pen­guin could only be well done if it was a high-level mob boss with an affin­ity for pen­guins. But it still seems a lit­tle far fetched.
Also, you can for­get Catwoman(R.I.P.)

Which leaves Bane, Black Mask, Talia al Ghoul, The Rid­dler, Dr. Freize as the only log­i­cal choices.

Unless we recast the Joker. It can be done. The Joker is the only wor­thy oppo­nent of Bat­man, they have been since the begin­ing and if they com­pletely close off the char­ac­ter now that the actor that played the role is dead, i will tru­ely lose faith in Bat­man, and indeed, DC as a company.

megan February 3rd, 2010

No one has made any men­tion of Harley Quinn. And she is in the 2011 bat­man release. So how can you have Harley Quinn and no Joker? I think its safe to say that the Joker might just show his face in this one, i think he plays a piv­i­tal char­ac­ter in the growth of Bruce and Bat­man. If it wasnt for the Joker, he wouldnt have lost his one true love. I think it would be wrong to do any­thing but pick up where the dark knight left off. I cant wait to see Harley Quinn por­trayed on the big screen :-]

Ridge February 10th, 2010

I like the idea of Phillip Sey­more Hoff­man as Peguin and as a mob­boss who has an affin­ity for peguins. I think Poi­son Ivy is a legit­i­mate vil­lian sure she had super­pow­ers in the car­toons and comics but so did Scare­crow, she could just use poi­sons from what she learned from being a botanaist or some­thing. As for Rid­dler who I beleve to be the front run­ner for the next vil­lian it will probally be Jonny Depp if the money is right, but other good choices may be Ryan Reynolds and Robert Downy Jr. Cant see them recast­ing Joker Heath Ledger was per­fect and nobody would live up to him in the same series(exp. Dum­b­le­dore in Harry Potter).

Colin February 11th, 2010

Come on bring the Boy Won­der!!!! I don’t care what you say, if you can get a actor to do what Heath did but as Robin, It will be mind blow­ing. The back ground for Robin is amaz­ing and greatly writ­ten. I want to see him in this next movie. Sense my favorite hero is Robin, bring on the Red Bird, come on Nolan!!!

Brother Paul February 12th, 2010

How about this: Johnny Depp plays the Rid­dler who breaks the Joker out of Arkham played by none other than Johnny Depp. Within min­utes of break­ing him out of Arkham, he kills the Joker.

That way, the Joker is only replaced by Ledger’s bril­liance for mere moments by the one man who could pos­si­bly pull off both roles, and then fin­ishes the Joker once and for all, thus mak­ing the Rid­dler a darker side of evil for hav­ing pulled off the mur­der of his biggest rival, by mak­ing him think he was help­ing him.

The Pen­guin is sup­posed to be a British arms dealer, as I under­stand it, which is a slight depar­ture from the car­toon­ish ver­son played by Burgess Mered­ith (who did do a good job for what he had to work with at the time.)

Any­how, if you’re look­ing Goyer, there’s your open­ing plot line. (No charge, but if anybody’s inter­ested in hir­ing me for future projects, I wouldn’t be adverse to look­ing at what you’re offering.)

Make it a great day!

Brother Paul

????? February 19th, 2010

The rid­dler is going to end up being the main vil­lian, although I’d love to see Black mask. I just think the rid­dler will be inserted due to fan favorite.

Btw, Heath Ledger was a great joker, but by all means never say his per­for­mance can’t be out­done… it’s becom­ing cliché to say he’s the best..omg…no one can replace him.

If they bring back the joker, it won’t be like Ledger’s per­for­mance, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be good…stop being nar­row minded.…there are actors out there who could do a unique por­trayal of the joker.

Raja February 20th, 2010

Johnny Depp can def­i­nitely outdo Heath Ledger as the Joker. But any­way, no point in bring­ing back the Joker, it will look stale. How about Clay­face? That will bring about a real emo­tional core to the story.

But any­way, now that Rachel is dead, the direc­tor wanna intro­duce a new female lead char­ac­ter. That could also be in the form of a vil­lain­ess. Cat­woman or Poi­son Ivy.

My top 5 choices for Catwoman.

1. Kirsten Dunst
2. Kate Hud­son
3. Christina Ricci
4. Lind­sey Lohan
5. Kat Dennings

My top 5 choices for Poi­son Ivy.

1. Angelina Jolie
2. Megan Fox
3. Selma Blair
4. Anne Hath­away
5. Beyonce

bruce March 8th, 2010

accord­ing to imdb Ben­jamin Cia­ramello is going to play the rid­dler. never even heard of this guy. im a bit worried.

Gabriel C. Hernandez March 16th, 2010

Because Heath ledger died the sequel replace­ment for Dark Knight Sequel is going to be the hard­est replace­ment fol­lowup in hol­ly­wood history.

But here is what you might see at the end of 2011. The cast would have reg­u­lars Chris­t­ian Bale, Gary Old­man, Micheal Cane, Mor­gan Free­man, new joker along with 2 new villians

Bat­man Begins (2005) Scare­crow, Al Ghul
The Dark Knight (2008) The Joker, Two Face
The Dark Knight Con­tin­ues (2011) The Joker,The Riddler,Black Mask
Dark Knight’s Legacy (2014) Mr. Freeze, ??

Raja March 22nd, 2010

The next Bat­man film is titled “The Caped Crusader”.

I doubt Joker will return. Vil­lains have never been repeated in most comic book adap­ta­tions except for the X-Men series. Besides, it will be quite stale to have Bat­man fight­ing the Joker again.

Alan May 20th, 2010

cant wait tosee this i heard that Megan Fox will be cat woman dont know if its true thou

ran­dolph langford June 19th, 2010

here is my line up for bat­man 3 the cape cru­saders
bale as bat­man
jack­son rat­bone as robin
caine as alfred
freemon as fox
BEYONCE as cat­woman
robin williams as the rid­dler
johnny knoxville as tony zocco

robert mclamb July 25th, 2010

if Johnny Depp becomes rid­dler for the next fran­chise, I would hope that Jim Car­rey should be joker!!

robert mclamb July 25th, 2010

as for other actors that have inter­ests in the fran­chise, jolie
should be cat­woman, and the gal as com­mis­sioner gordon’s daugh­ter
should be bat­girl, leave robin out for later!! if pen­guin does
come in play as well as Mr. Freeze, other bet­ter type­cast­ing for
their per­son­al­ity!! please no Devito!!

andre July 31st, 2010

i know for sure that this 1 will have either a batgirl/woman or a cat­woman i saw a leaked photo with the dark knight and a woman next to him in a simalar cos­tume to his it looked like a bat­woman but it might be the catwoman

kingv October 29th, 2010

i think a new vil­lian could be cool, but again no robin,Bale already said if they bring in robin he walks. im 25 years old, id rather see nightwing. besides robin would be so lame, that char­ac­ter can­not add to or keep up with plot inten­sity. i would have been happy with ras al ghul, but they messed his story up, or just left gaps in it, liam was per­fect for that part. and please no johnny depp as the rid­dler! are you kid­ding? lets see, willy wonka, the mad hat­ter, just another excuse for him to play almost the same guy! the rid­dler is a great vil­lian, he is just never been done jus­tice. he could be just as dark as the joker. no super vil­lians! maybe another vig­i­lante, or some­one sim­i­lar to the bat him­self. i just want this to be good! its ok to add depth here and there, just dont get too deep. what about black mask? DONT DO DR. HUGO STRANGE! that would just be another scare­crow, with the intel­lect of hannable lec­tor. Hush might be a good choice! All i can say is please dont make this a lame movie! you know bet­ter, if its ques­tion­able, dont do it! i dont want to see a mutant crea­ture with laser eyes and a jet pack that can freeze time when he farts! some­thing very real, mani­a­cle, insane, bru­tally intel­li­gent, hey lets make bat­man really prove him self as a detec­tive! that would be cool! make it more of a thriller in a sense. just an idea.