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Christopher Nolan to direct “Inception” February 13th, 2009

As expected, and in fol­low­ing the Bat­man Begins to The Dark Knight jour­ney, Christo­pher Nolan is tak­ing some time out from Bat­man to pur­sue another movie — “Incep­tion”. Do not fret, The Pres­tige was filmed between the first two Bat­man movies and this cer­tainly does not rule Nolan out from a third movie. What’s more, Warner Bros. are pro­duc­ing “Incep­tion”, keep­ing every­one happy.

“Incep­tion” is billed as “a con­tem­po­rary sci-fi actioner set within the archi­tec­ture of the mind”, with an orig­i­nal screen­play by Nolan it plans to begin shoot­ing this sum­mer with a sum­mer 2010 release in mind.

Bear­ing this news in mind, the ear­li­est point at which pro­duc­tion on The Dark Knight sequel might begin is Sum­mer 2010, and with pro­duc­tion tak­ing approx­i­mately 14 months it could be late 2011 or Sum­mer 2012 before the caped cru­sader returns to theaters.

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destruct26 February 15th, 2009

bat­man begins pre­miered in june of 2005; pro­duc­tion of the pres­tige started in jan­u­ary of 2006, pre pro­duc­tion for the dark knight was later on that year. Pro­duc­tion for dark knight started in the begin­ning of 2007. The cam­paign for the dark knight started a year before its release in july 18 2008. Nolan is once again start­ing pro­duc­tion for a new movie 6 months after a bat­man movie. i dont see how bat­man 3 would be out in 2012 based on that, so i must dis­agree. 2011 on schedule.

Heath_is_Hot February 15th, 2009

yeah but they might want to hold out for a good date if this is the final installment.

destruct26 February 15th, 2009

yeah that could also be true… As long as nolan directs it, i can wait that long…

icarus February 24th, 2009

it’s likely they’ll give nolan room to breathe, now that he has earned warner bros. a bil­lion dol­lar mak­ing movie. and know­ing nolan, he won’t make another unless he feels there is more to tell and more ground to gain. we can only hope and speculate.

sanane December 19th, 2009

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