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Batman’s Flat Out August 18th, 2007

Whilst every­one is pre-occupied with those nefar­i­ous leaked Dark Knight stills, we’ll con­tinue to bring you the scoops from the street level. This time it comes via Flickr user Lego Dreams. Today we see our caped cru­sader flat out on his back prepar­ing for an upcom­ing stunt.

And the rest of the pic­tures can be seen through this sexy slideshow embed. Includ­ing more on set shots of vehi­cles, the stunt and our Dark Knight on the floor:

And Chicago­Trav­eler has a cou­ple more from the same scene.

After the break, see the more spoiler filled pictures.

Now even more from the most bril­liant Rory — this time show­ing us extreme close-ups of the Bat­man hang­ing, Bruce Wayne’s car and the dummy: