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Reports from the August 12th Shoot August 16th, 2007

It seems like Nolan and his team have been at it once again in down town Chicago, although this time with a notable addi­tion — Chris­t­ian Bale has at long last been spot­ted on set. These pic­tures and set reports are all from the August 12th shoot. To out­line the events we have, via X-realms, El Eshoo’s report — to start with:

I had a chance to watch/gawk at some film­ing of Bat­man (Sun­day, Aug 12th) at the 330 North Wabash Build­ing. They had sev­eral dif­fer­ent vehi­cles out there (Gotham Police Dept, Gotham News Vans, Mil­i­tary vehi­cles, Bomb Squad truck, etc.) which was cool to see. But I’d say the best of all: I was lucky enough to be 10 feet from Christo­pher Nolan, Aaron Eck­hart and Mr. Bruce Wayne him­self … Chris­t­ian Bale! They were film­ing some “Press Con­fer­ence” stuff in the lobby of 330 ear­lier in the day, broke for lunch around 1:00-ish and then filmed some more “Press Con­fer­ence” stuff.

Then they brought in some Army-type guys along with cam­ou­flaged Hum­mers and Trucks with machine-gunners to shoot some Heli­copter fly-bys. They closed down a SHITLOAD of areas for this (police stop­ping traf­fic from Michi­gan Ave to LaSalle), not allow­ing any­one in the area (no foot traf­fic aloud dur­ing fly-bys down Chicago River towards lake) and were even heav­ier on the NO PICTURES crap. The chop­pers came pretty low as they passed over the court­yard out­side of 330 North Wabash where mil­i­tary and Gotham press peo­ple were all around. Cam­eras on the ground were film­ing the fly-bys.

Mr. Eshoo was able to take a fair few pic­tures in his time amongst Rory’s First Kiss:

TDK Press Conference - Empty


Choppers Coming In


Gotham City News and Media Vans

For more of these shots check out the X-realms report. Next up, Sterno74 man­aged to cap­ture a fan­tas­tic high res­o­lu­tion shot of the fake National Guard fly overs, click the image for large or check out his flickr pro­file.

Mean­while rolandin has got some very nice high res­o­lu­tion pho­tos of the sta­tion­ary Bat­pod. Or some more heli­copters via gtrietsc’s flickr gallery.

And last, but cer­tainly not least, a fel­low by the name of Spanish39 was on loca­tion to snatch a few more images, this time of the infa­mous Chris­t­ian Bale as Bruce Wayne — here he is with Christo­pher Nolan: