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Report from TDK’s August 19th Shoot August 20th, 2007

This has just come in from Brett,

It was around 8:50 am Sun­day 8/19 on the cor­ner of west Mon­roe street and south Canal street. Block away from Union Sta­tion. Looked to be round 30 extras. Never did see any lead char­ac­ters. The secu­rity exclaimed “pic­tures up,” and the extras began to walk around as ran­dom peo­ple on the street. I think they were film­ing inside the build­ing or just on the cor­ner. Not sure what build­ing it is. Any­way, the peo­ple were just walk­ing around then I heard two gun­shots and extras began to run every­where. What’s more is I did hear a loud sin­is­ter laugh, which was with­out a doubt in my mind, the Joker ala Heath Ledger.

And these are the pic­tures:

Rory was also on the scene to cap­ture some GCN images in the pour­ing rain.

Alright, so I went back down to the set in the pour­ing rain and got some pics. Due to the rain they stopped shoot­ing so all of the extras were sit­ting around the lobby of the build­ing… which is now the GCN, which I am guess­ing is “Gotham City News” or “Gotham Cable News” (though I favor the first). I was able to walk right up the build­ing and started tak­ing pho­tos. There were a lot of PA’s and Extras around but they didn’t seem to mind me too much. I got some courage and walked right into the lobby. Inside it was dressed as a TV sta­tion with GCN and tv screens all over the place. I didn’t stay too long and didn’t snap any pics for fear of being caught. It was cool to see though. Also saw the offi­cial set pho­tog­ra­pher who looked a bit bummed…maybe because of the pic leak.