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19 Awesome Movie Stills from The Dark Knight August 17th, 2007

At long last some­thing fleshy and solid to get our teeth into! Here are a ton of pic­tures from the actual Dark Knight film, pro­mo­tional shots by the look of things — screen­shots if you will. Mul­ti­ple Joker shots and rem­nants of what we heard about in that trailer.

EDIT: After some research and much delib­er­a­tion I have decided to remove these pic­tures from this site. It seems that yes, the pic­tures are offi­cial, but that they were leaked with­out per­mis­sion from a WB owned com­puter. They were instead to be used as some sort of prize to a viral mar­ket­ing cam­paign. It feels like we are chil­dren and we have opened out presents before Christ­mas. When Christ­mas comes we wont be half as excited.

For those too late to the party, don’t worry — they will undoubt­edly resur­face in a few weeks as part of an offi­cial cam­paign. Or alter­na­tively you could catch them on the sites not yet asked to remove the images — they will always be some­where. I shall per­son­ally repost the images once they have been offi­cially released by the WB.

In the mean time, a num­ber of web­sites are still host­ing these pic­tures, I’ll list them here:
Slash­Film | IESB | First Show­ing | Film School Rejects | Flickr | X-realms | The Movie Blog

I have also started a topic on the forums to dis­cuss the pic­tures: Forums

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tim August 17th, 2007

damn! this is going to be awe­some. ledger looks like nolan lifted him right out of the pages of the comic and brought him to life!

SpideyNext August 17th, 2007

Be care­full. WB is search­ing all the webs with this pics and out of the net.
Ohhh,of course,thanks for the pics, man!!!!

Kun­deremp An-Narkolepsy August 17th, 2007

Wow… the one which has Joker smil­ing even after he was beaten up by bat­man.. it was so scary.

The bat­suit itself..
well, when the first pic­ture of the bat­suit appeared, it was amaz­ing. But the other pic­tures made the bat­suit looks bad. It had cripples.

nick August 18th, 2007

looks upset­ting that the make up is make up for the joker his face is sup­posed to be white hair green lips ruby red.…idk you?

jason January 26th, 2008

can u believe that they are think­ing about not using heath ledger in this movie after his pasing…R.I.P…but i’ll be pissed if they dont use him not coz im Aus­tralian like him, but he put so much effort into that role and it made him use the sleep­ing pills tha killed him.
he spent a month locked in a hotel room to ge the joker’s voice, pos­ture and adi­tude right… if they dont use Ledger than he wasted a month of his life for a movie that killed him and now they might not use him

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