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Dark Knight IMAX Prologue Preview November 22nd, 2007

The offi­cial IMAX web­site have posted a pre­view to the IMAX Dark Knight pro­logue. The video fea­tures an inter­view with direc­tor Christo­pher Nolan amidst scenes from the movies film­ing — we see small clips from action sequences, the film crews, a cou­ple of small explo­sions, Bat­man swoop­ing down, the Bat­mo­bile, etc. But most of all the short video is just a mas­sive pro­mo­tion for the won­der that is the IMAX format.

IMAX Dark Knight Prologue


IMAX Dark Knight Prologue


IMAX Dark Knight Prologue


IMAX Dark Knight Prologue

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Israr November 22nd, 2007

Wow, Great! The movie is gonna rock! Thanks alot for the link.

Edward Garza January 22nd, 2008

Chris Nolan or Isar, doesn’t know shit about the His­tory or mod­ern day Bat­man. As a col­lec­tor of Bat­man, and a exper­tise on every­thing that relates to Bat­man, answer this.… Since when did Jack Napier ( The Joker ) ever become a seri­ous man. He has never bro­ken char­ac­ter for any­body or thing. In every comic i have read, every car­toon i’ve seen, The Joker is sadis­tic, nieve, brain­sick, a psy­cho, you get my point. but when is he ever seri­ous? And two, The Joker doesn’t put white make-up on his face, that white­ness became his nat­ural skin after he fell into the toxic chem­i­cal pool. Hahaha. You guys are Idiots. This movie is going to be the suck­i­est Bat­man movie yet.

Nicky February 13th, 2008

Sorry Eddie you say your an expert but you make a com­plete ass of your­self only a few sen­tences in by writ­ing the words ‘Jack Napier’ this is not the jok­ers real name it was a gang­ster name used in early bat­man comics and only tim bur­ton used the name for the Jack Nichol­son Joker as to tie it in with the killing of Thomas and Martha wayne in bur­tons first bat­man flick when of course we all know that it was joe chill. So the joker you’ll be see­ing in TDK will not and will never be named or called Jack Napier…the ori­gin of the joker can be traced i know his back ground and name maybe you should find out for your­self and stop mak­ing a tit out of your­self by try­ing to school fans with your unin­formed amat­uer attitude.…Who’s the idiot now

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