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Possible Dark Knight DVD and Blu-ray details August 14th, 2008

/Film have posted what look like the first details about the spe­cial releases and lim­ited edi­tion ver­sions of The Dark Knight that will be avail­able when it comes out to own later this year. HOWEVER — they were sent in by a reader and could be com­plete fabrications.

None of this pro­mo­tion plays on the pop­u­lar­ity of The Joker which leaves me a lit­tle suspect.

2-Disc Bat­Pod Collector’s Edition

2-Disc Bat-Mask Edi­tion (this one has to be fake)

DVD and Blu ray covers

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Tim August 15th, 2008

Totally fake. That Bat­man mask set is the mask you can buy at toy stores and who­ever made the pic­ture just set it in front of the brick wall poster and poorly pho­to­shopped the WSS? slo­gan from the WSS poster. Also, a Bat­pod dis­play case would be a hor­ri­ble idea. The DVD and Blu Ray cov­ers are fake as well. Who­ever made these pic­tures just used the movie posters as cov­ers and trust me, they would have totally dif­fer­ent cov­ers than those.

Icarus August 15th, 2008

Agreed. That is some very poor pho­to­shop­ping. DVD cov­ers rarely use the same art­work as their mar­ket­ing posters, usu­ally they’re just in the same style. I would say the dead give­away here is the fact that there’s a white blob around the why so seri­ous text that was lifted from the poster, which means who­ever pho­to­shopped it got lazy and just cropped it instead of pulling out just the text.

Isn’t there a web­site devoted to this stuff too, I mean peo­ple mak­ing their own art­work for DVDs and video games?

Andy August 16th, 2008

Fake — the pro­por­tions of the blu ray image are slightly warped (i.e shrunk in pho­to­shop ver­ti­cally to squish the image rather than pro­por­tion­ally) and HIGHLY doubt the dvd cover to be the bat­man / bat­terang image.

Bill Fin August 25th, 2008

Faaaaaake, I can­not even find any arti­cles nor web­sites, espe­cially IMDB, the Dark Knight web­site, nor any Elec­tron­ics store (e.g. Best Buy) with a release date. Just be patient kiddos!!

Pat August 27th, 2008

I was just check­ing out of my local block­buster and they are adver­tis­ing the Dark Knight pre-order for $5 for a 12/12 release. YES THAT IS A FRIDAY!!

Jack­alTech September 4th, 2008

Just down­loaded the screener, GREAT MOVIE!!. Hit me up if you want it , its 1.4 gig so.

ben September 16th, 2008

The release is slated for the ninth of december

Ulti​mate​Toronto​.com September 25th, 2008

Could not be more fake.

not me October 16th, 2008

well go to tar­get they have an iron man mask that has the 2 disc set so they could do it with batman

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