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Operation Slipknot (Gotham Major Crimes Unit) April 23rd, 2008

Today Jim Gor­don sent out a new email to the Acme Secu­rity System’s Delos crowd:

OK friend, you’re up to bat now. You have your­self a new assign­ment: Oper­a­tion Slipknot.

Link­ing to a new Gotham Major Crimes Unit page ded­i­cated to “Oper­a­tion Slip­knot”.

Click­ing each of the police images reveals details about the indi­vid­u­als. The assign­ment states,


Gotham Police Major Crimes Unit, in coöper­a­tion with the GPD Inter­nal Affairs Divi­sion, needs you to help track down numer­ous offend­ers that are fugi­tives from jus­tice. Inter­est­ingly, we’ve tracked all of these indi­vid­u­als to the same last known loca­tion: Gotham Inter­con­ti­nen­tal Hotel. But we don’t know where they’ve gone from there.

Call the hotel and con­vince the concierge to ship you a cer­tain pack­age that’s been sent there for each fugi­tive. Use the pro­vided intel and what­ever means you can to con­vince him that you’re the intended recip­i­ent, your travel plans have changed, and he needs to send the pack­age to you. Once received, you should have all you need to fill in the blanks as to that fugitive’s location.

We will add details about addi­tional fugi­tives as they become avail­able. Time is of the essence, as we have only a short time before the trail runs cold. Your coöper­a­tion in this oper­a­tion will go a long way. Good luck.

Head­ing over to the Gotham Inter­con­ti­nen­tal Hotel, we are pre­sented with a tele­phone num­ber to call their concierge — 1 866 306 5589.

The aim is to state that you are the offi­cer and pro­vide your ref­er­ence num­ber — as out­lined by the INTEL:

You should have received your dupli­cate care pack­ages by now. If not, con­tact the concierge at the Inter­con­ti­nen­tal and have him for­ward you your orig­i­nal pack­age (ref­er­ence #‘s, as always, the total num­ber of let­ters in your name fol­lowed by your last name shifted for­ward one let­ter, like 15DBOEPMPSP). He’s been instructed to send no-questions-asked if these ref #‘s are used. Do NOT con­tact me.

Bön Voy­age!

Then you must state that your travel arrange­ments have had to change, the concierge shall ask for a mail­ing address and then con­firm that a pack­age shall be sent out to that address overnight. You also need to pro­vide a tele­phone num­ber in case of prob­lems. The phone lines are VERY BUSY and new fugi­tives are being added regularly

When you get your pack­age, their is a sub­mit but­ton to pro­vide the rel­e­vant details and turn them in:

If you have received a pack­age, enter any per­ti­nent intel on your sub­ject here: the con­fir­ma­tion # of their ticket, the last name of the alias they’re trav­el­ing under, and the city they’re fly­ing to. If every­thing checks out, we’ll for­ward it so that appro­pri­ate action can be taken.

Thanks Bruce, Maeghan and Carlos!

Update: All fugi­tives have been assigned and pack­ages sent out. The game has gone quiet until tomor­row morn­ing, when I’m sure it will return with more surprises!

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maeghan April 23rd, 2008

Do I state it in a mes­sage, or does some­one answer the phone?

David April 24th, 2008

Just got my pack­age this morning.

Came with a Pre-paid Phone (Verizon).

ID for Jason Tabagiani

Kinsly Travel doc­u­ments w/ Flight number

Ital­ian Phrase book

25,000 in Wayne Bearer Bonds

Joker card.

Cody April 28th, 2008

Got mine as well, only my guy was headed to Japan so I got a Japan­ese dic­tio­nary. I got a text mes­sage that after­noon after every­one was appre­hended, but noth­ing since — you get any­thing else?