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Why So Serious — Overture July 8th, 2008

After com­plet­ing the lat­est Bam­boo­zle puz­zle, the next WSS page was revealed,


With an Exit sign, we see our way out of The Joker’s cir­cus tent, click­ing the image causes a set of tick­ets to appear, each with a logo and the text “Redeem at exit”. Click­ing the four tick­ets that were returned as prizes to the indi­vid­ual flash games we’ve seen in the last few weeks leads us to the Over­ture, where some dyna­mite awaits us with a timer:


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Why So Seri­ous — Bam­boo­zle (Bat­man: The Dark Knight — Movie Chronicles) July 8th, 2008

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jaime p July 8th, 2008

wats up with this??? fri­day @ 9:59pm?

Tim July 8th, 2008

I dont get the timer. Ear­lier it was 65 59 23, which led me to believe it meant 65 days 59 min­utes and 23 sec­onds since the last dig­its decrease in sec­onds. But as of right now, the 65 changed to 56.…

Leisl July 8th, 2008

Just worked the timer out for me and it will be 3am fri­day I think :S. That is GMT, i’ve checked it twice so if any­one in the UK wants to know how long to stay up for it. What­ever IT is. Does any­one have a clue to what will happen??

Bear July 8th, 2008

Rumor has it that it is when the pro­logue will be released online in HD.

Leisl July 8th, 2008

Really!! Thanks for that Bear! Very excited, it will be worth stay­ing up for!

tyler July 10th, 2008

I think it might mean free tick­ets to the “Dark knight” since it did men­tion a “ticket” in bam­boo­zle and it might be another scav­enger hunt.

tyler July 10th, 2008

Oh and by the way, it’ll 7 pm for me. So we’ll just wait and see.